Commit 76ad3291 authored by Theophile GENTILHOMME's avatar Theophile GENTILHOMME

Refactor some of the come abd add functionalities

parent 82fd9990
......@@ -10,7 +10,6 @@ from bob.extension.scripts.click_helper import verbosity_option
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def scores_argument(test_mandatory=False, **kwargs):
'''Get the argument for scores, and add `dev-scores` and `test-scores` in
the context if `--test` flag is on (default `--no-test`).'''
......@@ -20,8 +19,10 @@ def scores_argument(test_mandatory=False, **kwargs):
if length < 1:
raise click.BadParameter('No scores provided', ctx=ctx)
div = 1
ctx.meta['scores'] = value
if test_mandatory or ctx.meta['test']:
div = 2
if (length % 2) != 0:
pref = 'T' if test_mandatory else ('When `--test` flag'
' is on t')
......@@ -34,8 +35,16 @@ def scores_argument(test_mandatory=False, **kwargs):
ctx.meta['test-scores'] = [value[i] for i in
range(length) if i % 2]
ctx.meta['n_sys'] = len(ctx.meta['test-scores'])
if 'titles' in ctx.meta and \
len(ctx.meta['titles']) != len(value) / div:
raise click.BadParameter(
'#titles not equal to #sytems', ctx=ctx
return value
return click.argument('scores', callback=callback, **kwargs)(func)
return click.argument(
'scores', type=click.Path(exists=True),
callback=callback, **kwargs
return custom_scores_argument
def test_option(**kwargs):
......@@ -47,9 +56,24 @@ def test_option(**kwargs):
return click.option(
'-t', '--test/--no-test', default=False,
help='If set, test scores must be provided',
callback=callback, is_eager=True ,**kwargs)(func)
return custom_test_option
def sep_dev_test_option(**kwargs):
'''Get option flag to say if dev and test plots should be in different
def custom_sep_dev_test_option(func):
def callback(ctx, param, value):
ctx.meta['split'] = value
return value
return click.option(
'-s', '--split/--no-split', default=True, show_default=True,
help='If set, test and dev curve in different plots',
callback=callback, is_eager=True,**kwargs)(func)
return custom_sep_dev_test_option
def n_sys_option(**kwargs):
'''Get the number of systems to be processed'''
def custom_n_sys_option(func):
......@@ -96,8 +120,6 @@ def n_bins_option(**kwargs):
callback=callback, **kwargs)(func)
return custom_n_bins_option
@click.option('-n', '--points', type=INT, default=100, show_default=True,
help='Number of points to use in the curves')
def table_option(**kwargs):
'''Get table option for tabulate package
More informnations:
......@@ -187,6 +209,19 @@ def criterion_option(**kwargs):
callback=callback, is_eager=True ,**kwargs)(func)
return custom_criterion_option
def threshold_option(**kwargs):
'''Get option for given threshold'''
def custom_threshold_option(func):
def callback(ctx, param, value):
ctx.meta['thres'] = value
return value
return click.option(
'--thres', type=click.FLOAT, default=None,
help='Given threshold for metrics computations',
callback=callback, show_default=True,**kwargs)(func)
return custom_threshold_option
def label_option(name_option='x-label', **kwargs):
'''Get labels options based on the given name.
......@@ -288,11 +323,13 @@ def titles_option(**kwargs):
'''Get the titles otpion for the different systems'''
def custom_titles_option(func):
def callback(ctx, param, value):
ctx.meta['titles'] = value if value is None else \
if value is not None:
value = value.split(',')
ctx.meta['titles'] = value
return value
return click.option(
'--titles', help='The title for each system comma separated. '
'--titles', type=click.STRING, default=None,
help='The title for each system comma separated. '
'Example: --titles ISV,CNN',
callback=callback, **kwargs)(func)
return custom_titles_option
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