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Refactors the score loading and scripts functionality

Amir MOHAMMADI requested to merge theo into master

This merge request:

  • Move the biometric related functionality of bob.measure to
  • Add confidence interval calculations
  • Provide a score format for bob.measure with load functionalities
  • Provide a generic plotting script bob measure in bob.measure using bob.measure input file format:
    • bob measure metrics: to compute thresholds and evaluate performances
    • bob measure roc: to plot ROC
    • bob measure det: to plot DET
    • bob measure hist: to plot histograms
    • bob measure epc : to plot EPC
    • bob measure evaluate: applies all the above commands at once
    • bob measure gen: to generate fake scores for bob.measure

Each command accepts one or several (dev,eval) score(s) file(s) for each system.

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