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  • v4.2.3b0   First beta [skip-ci]
  • v4.2.2
  • v4.2.1
    Release v4.2.1
    • !99 Adjusted the histogram scale of the x axis to automatically adjust for varying scales across dev and eval
  • v4.2.0
    Release v4.2.0
    • !97 Add Area Under ROC Curve (AUC): Add the function called bob.measure.roc_auc_score. Add the AUC computation to bob measure metrics command. Fixes #2
    • !98 Separate semilogx and TPR options in ROC plots: Also, ran black on some code files.
  • v4.1.1
    Release v4.1.1
    • !95 Improve threshold calculation in ROC, DET, and Precision and Recall plots: Fixes #58 and #60
    • !96 Add an alpha option to ROC,DET,EPC figures: Also, enables you to change the default value in tablefmt option.
    • Python 3.7 support
  • v4.1.0
    Release v4.1.0
    • !89 Add a base class for subplot-based plots
    • !90 Fixing histogram test
    • !91 Fix decimal option in metrics command: Fixes #52
    • !43 Resolve "FAR and FRR thresholds are computed even when there is no data support"
    • !92 Fix minimizing threshold: Closes #59
    • !93 Click scripts fixes: Improvements and bug fixes to click scripts
    • !94 Fix --figsize help message
  • v4.0.0
    Release v4.0.0
    • Breaking and significant changes:
    • Removed the old plotting scripts (compute_perf.py, etc.).
    • Added a new 2-column score format specific to bob.measure.
    • Implemented generic metrics and plotting scripts. Do bob measure --help to see the new scripts and refer to the documentation.
    • Matplotlib 2.2 and above is required now.
    • Some biometric-related-only functionality is moved to bob.bio.base.
    • Detailed changes:
    • !52 generic plotting script for bob measure: From #37, provide generic plotting scripts: * bob measure evaluate * bob measure hist * bob measure hter * ...
    • !55 Change option name criter to criterion
    • !56 Fix error in context name
    • !57 Extend bins number option
    • !58 Change variable name form criter to criterion
    • !59 Bug fix: incorrect input file reading
    • !60 Bugfix
    • !54 Refactors the score loading and scripts functionality: This merge request: * Move the biometric related functionality of bob.measure to bob.bio.base. * Add confidence interval calculations * Provide a score format for bob.measure with load functionalities * Provide a generic plotting script bob measure in bob.measure using bob.measure input file format: * bob measure metrics: to compute thresholds and evaluate performances * bob measure roc: to plot ROC * bob measure det: to plot DET * bob measure hist: to plot histograms * bob measure epc : to plot EPC * bob measure evaluate: applies all the above commands at once * bob measure gen: to generate fake scores for bob.measure Each command accepts one or several (dev,eval) score(s) file(s) for each system.
    • !61 Title and histograms subplots: Account for this bob.bio.base!146#note_28760.
    • Titles can be remove using an empty string, i.e. -t ' ' * Histograms support subplot display, see options --subplots * Add --legends-ncol option
    • !62 Improve legends in histograms
    • !48 recompute far values in roc_for_far: Fixes #27
    • !44 Compute roc using roc_for_far internally: Fixes #26
    • !43 Resolve "FAR and FRR thresholds are computed even when there is no data support": Closes #27 Also changes behavior of far_threshold and frr_threshold where the returned threshold guarantees the at most the requested far/frr value.
    • !63 Enable semilogx option in roc curves: * Fixes #40 * Remove 0 points on x-axis in semilogx plots. Matplotlib 2 was doing this automatically before but matplotlib 2.2 doesn't * Code clean-up
    • !64 Fix semilog plots for non numpy arrays: Fixes bob.bio.base#117
    • !65 Modification of criterion_option: Correct display of available criteria
    • !66 Add prefix aliasing: Prefix aliasing using AliasedGroup for bob.extension
    • !68 Change --eval option default and Various fixes: Change defaults, clean unused options for histograms. Fix bob.bio.base#112
    • !69 Explain that the thresholds might not satisfy the requested criteria: * Add a helper eer function for convenience.
    • !50 Generic loading input file: Add a generic input file loading function for bob measure and its corresponding test. From issue #39, comments #39#note_26366.
    • !71 Fix issues with matplotlib.hist.: For some reason mpl.hist hangs when n_bins is set to auto. This is related with https://github.com/numpy/numpy#8203 This MR set the default value to doane. Furthermore, allows you to pick one of the options here https://docs.scipy.org/doc/numpy/reference/generated/numpy.histogram.html#numpy.histogram This will fix one of the points here bob.pad.base!43
    • !72 Various improvements: Fix #41 and #42
    • !70 Improvements to new metrics codes
    • !73 Histogram legends: Fix #44
    • !74 Bins histograms: Option only depends on the number of data plotter per histograms, not the number of system. For example, pad hist requires 2 nbins and vuln hist requires 3 independently on the number of systems to be plotted. Fix #45.
    • !75 Fix issue with histo legends: Fix #47 Also change default for number of legend columns. Add comments and doc in the code for Hist.
    • !76 Histo fix: Fix typo and bob.pad.base!43#note_31884
    • !77 dd lines for dev histograms: See bob.pad.base!43#note_31903
    • !78 Metrics: All stuff related to #46.
    • !79 Add a command for multi protocol (N-fold cross validation) analysis
    • !80 Consider non 1 values negatives: This will make bob.measure scripts work with FOFRA scores
    • !81 Compute HTER using FMR and FNMR: As discussed in the meeting. Fixes #48
    • !83 Enable grid on all histograms
    • !84 Improve the constrained layout option
    • !82 Various fixes: * Change measure metrics * Document and change HTER * add decimal precision option for metric * Use acronyms instead of full names in figures * Remove filenames form figures and add log output instead
    • !86 Fix decimal number control for metrics: Fixes #52
    • !88 Fix tests: Should fix bob.nightlies#40
    • !67 Titles: Allow list of titles and remove (development) (evaluation) when default titles are modified
    • !45 Condapackage
    • !85 Fix broken commands cref bob.extension!86
    • !53 Change the way the scores arguments are passed to the compute() function: it now: Change the way the scores arguments are passed to the compute() function: it now does not rely on dev,eval pairs anymore and can take any number of different files (e.g. train)
    • !87 Update documentation and commands: FAR->FPR, FRR->FNR: Fix #54
  • v3.0.0
    Release v3.0.0
    • Fixed issue with FAR and FRR values being exactly 1 or 0
    • Corrected the threshold calculation in far_threshold() and frr_threshold(), which now guarantees to produce at most of given FAR or FRR values.
    • Never return NaNs for far_threshold() and frr_threshold() functions
    • Optimized implementation of ROC for a given FAR
    • Added an option to capture the output in a log file
    • Updated docs and tests accordingly
  • v2.4.1
    Release v2.4.1
    • Correctly handled NaN values in DIR plot
    • Correctly handled of FAR and FRR thresholds
    • Updated CMC documentation
    • Switched to Numpy style documentation
    • Fixed the dependency with bob.math (>=3.0.0)
    • Fixed FAR and FRR threshold computation and return NaN when threshold cannot be computed
  • v2.4.0
    Release v2.4.0
    • !28 : Add an option to the epc function to also get the thresholds which were used during calculation
  • v2.3.0
    Release v2.3.0
    • Change the style of function comments
    • Remove nan from scores and report FTA instead Report proper FMR, FNMR, FAR, FRR values
    • Added min_weighted_error_rate_threshold in test for raised exceptions
    • Implemented check on empty arrays for some functions -> raises excpetions now
    • Used svg build badges
    • Updated sphinx docs
    • Load score more efficiently for negatives and positives
    • Changed the ROC curve to implement what is required by 'The Handbook of Face Recognition'
  • v2.2.1
    Release v2.2.1

    This release brings some minor improvements to version 2.2.0 of this package:

    • The use of a test-set on compute_perf is now optional
    • Documentation concerning the scripts has been fixed to reflect changes on command-lines
    • Implements bob.core verbosity controls on all scripts
    • Fixes CMC plotting
    • Re-organized score-loading
    • Improved score-loading speeds
  • v2.2.0
    Release v2.2.0

    This release changes the command-line of most scripts in this package. Be attentive.

    • Use docopt instead of argparse
    • Make script interface more intuitive (remove non-optional options, use arguments)
    • Fix all documentation warnings (nit-picky sphinx mode)
    • Add score distributions to compute_perf
    • Add reporting step to compute_perf
    • Improved CI
    • Use https checkout in develop.cfg
  • v2.1.3
    Release v2.1.3
    • Dropped support for Python 3.3
    • Allow scripts to guess the number of columns in an input file
    • CI fixes after Gitlab migration
    • Simplified README
    • Fix #14 (CMC test units)
  • v2.1.2
  • v2.1.1
  • v2.1.0
  • v2.0.5
  • v2.0.4
  • v2.0.3