Commit 2fe2912a authored by Amir MOHAMMADI's avatar Amir MOHAMMADI
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Guess the number of the columns

parent 271feb83
......@@ -281,7 +281,7 @@ def cmc_five_column(filename):
return _convert_cmc_scores(neg_dict, pos_dict)
def load_score(filename, ncolumns = 4):
def load_score(filename, ncolumns=None):
"""Load scores using numpy.loadtxt and return the data as a numpy array.
......@@ -290,18 +290,32 @@ def load_score(filename, ncolumns = 4):
A path or file-like object that will be read with :py:func:`numpy.loadtxt`
containing the scores.
``ncolumns`` : 4 or 5 [default is 4]
Specifies the number of columns in the score file.
``ncolumns`` : 4 or 5 or None [default: None]
Specify the number of columns in the score file. If None is provided,
the number of columns will be guessed.
``score_lines`` : numpy array
``score_lines`` : numpy.array
An array which contains not only the actual scores but also the
'claimed_id', 'real_id', 'test_label', and ['model_label']
convertfunc = lambda x : x
def convertfunc(x):
return x
if ncolumns not in (4, 5):
f = open_file(filename)
line = f.readline()
ncolumns = len(line.split())
except Exception:
logger.warn('Could not guess the number of columns in file: {}. '
'Assuming 4 column format.'.format(filename))
ncolumns = 4
if ncolumns == 4:
names = ('claimed_id', 'real_id', 'test_label', 'score')
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