Commit 8ebfc963 authored by André Anjos's avatar André Anjos 💬
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Fix bug on last commit

parent d06b47e9
......@@ -143,7 +143,7 @@ def normalize_requirements(requirements):
if len(splitreq) == 3: # package + version number
parsed.setdefault(splitreq[0], []).append(splitreq[1:])
parsed.setdefault(splitreq[0], []).append(tuple(splitreq[1:]))
# at this point, all requirements are organised:
# requirement -> [(op, version), (op, version), ...]
......@@ -151,14 +151,14 @@ def normalize_requirements(requirements):
leftovers = []
for key, value in parsed.items():
value = uniq(value)
if not value:
elif len(value) == 1:
leftovers.append(' '.join((key, value[0][0], value[0][1])))
# TODO: solve conflicting requirements
for v in value:
leftovers.append(' '.join((key, v[0][0], v[0][1]))) #keeping all
for v in value:
leftovers.append(' '.join((key, v[0], v[1])))
return leftovers
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