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  • v6.0.0
    Release v6.0.0
    • !116 bob.buildout is no longer a test dependency
    • !117 Avoid warnings in config loading
    • !118 Breaking change: Remove stack processors and some sphinx fixes
    • !119 [conda recipe] Add make next to cmake dependency
    • !120 Sphinx 3 autodoc no longer accepts autodoc_default_flags and autodoc_default_options should be used
    • !121 Fix deprecation of module "imp": This MR fixes the deprecation of Python module imp. According to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/32175693/python-importlibs-analogue-for-imp-new-module, you have to substitute module creation by types.ModuleType.
    • !122 [click_helper][ResourceOption] Allow exceptions when loading entry points: So far the ResourceOption class tried to load a string as entry points and would do this in a while loop. But sometimes an option may accept both objects and some special strings like the dask client which can be both "single-threaded", "threaded", and Client objects. Addition of string_exceptions allows for this kind of special cases to be implemented.
    • !123 Read files from Tarball: Created the function find_element_in_tarball. This function opens a tarball, searches for a target file inside of it and, if it found, it returns an opened file. bob.pipelines#22
    • !124 Implemented mechanism that downlods a file given a list of URLs [py]
    • !125 Created the function search_file: Created the function search_file that is able to search a file either inside of a file structure or inside of a tarball
    • !126 [download] Add a list_dir method: This method, lists the folders and files inside either a folder or a tarball It can be used to give you a hint of what is inside a folder or a tarball For example, you could query the list of protocols available in a database tarball
    • !127 [download] allow get_file to only evaluate part of the hash: Also changes the default auto algorithm to sha256 if the hash is partial related to bob.devtools!210
  • v5.0.2b0   First beta [skip-ci]
  • v5.0.1
  • v5.0.0
    Release v5.0.0
    • !112 [utils] Numpy documentation webpage has moved: Fixes #74
    • !113 Added [dask] inventory files
    • !114 Add xarray index for docs
    • !115 Breaking change: [click_helper][ResourceOption] Use self.name as the attribute_name in loading of config files and improved docs
  • v4.0.0
    Release v4.0.0
    • !106 Removed Dependency graph script: moved this to bob.devtools Closes #62
    • !109 [click] lookup in the config files before env var: This changes the behavior of loading options in ResourceOptions Since the config files are given explicitly, similar to command line options, it's better to look there first before looking into env variables.
    • !108 [click] Change the ConfigCommand and ResourceOption logic: Fixes #66 Changed the logic behind ConfigCommand and ResourceOption.
    • !110 [click] ResourceOption can be used without ConfigCommand: related to bob.fusion.base#8
    • !107 Fix buildout code-block guesses: Fixes issues with the doc lexer guessing.
    • !111 Fix lookup of click manual: This MR fixes an issue with the nightly builds in which bob.extension sphinx building does not find the click catalogue online.
    • !102 [docs] removed information about building python packages locally: [docs] removed information about building packages locally and referred to bob.devtools when necessary.
  • v3.2.0
    Release v3.2.0
    • !103 Resolve "bob config fixes"
    • !104 [config] added confirmation prompt before deleting anything from global config file
    • !105 Break circular dependency on bob.blitz by moving the related tests to bob.blitz
  • v3.1.2
    Release v3.1.2
    • Python 3.7 support
  • v3.1.1
    Release v3.1.1
    • !89 Improve the error message of click tests by printing the traceback
    • !91 Fix for CONDA_BUILD_SYSROOT variable missing on mac at test time
    • !75 Fix a bug when commands where invoked multiple times
    • !95 Improve support for Extension building by acknowledging CXXFLAGS
    • !90 Disable sphinx nitpick and Python 2
    • !96 [click] Account for cases when exception is None in click results
    • !97 [ci] Update gitlab-ci file (depend on bdt): No description for this MR
    • !98 Update for click 7 upgrade
    • !99 Augments the extension for building C/C++ bindings with tests for SDKROOT and MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET environment variables.
    • !100 Document setup of CONDA_BUILD_SYSROOT: This MR properly documents how to setup one's environment to compile on macOS machines.
  • v3.1.0
    Release v3.1.0
    • Improved the help option on all Bob click commands !84
    • Improved the click bool option !85
    • Added functionality to dump config file when calling a ConfigCommand !86
    • Add an ignore variable to log_parameters function (click helper) !88
    • !87 Add a common_attribute argument to config.load: Fixes #64
  • v3.0.0
    Release v3.0.0
    • Breaking and significant changes:
    • Removed bob_new_version script !76
    • Implemented bob click command !64 !73 !77 !74 !75
    • Detailed changes:
    • !75 Fix a bug when commands where invoked multiple times
    • !72 Added the function bob.extension.download_and_unzip in the core functionalities: Closes #50
    • !77 Fix list option
    • !64 Implementation of the bob script using click: Fixes #44
    • !79 added support for pytorch doc
    • !80 Add scikit-learn intersphinx mapping
    • !81 Add prefix aliasing for bob commands
    • !83 Fixed issue with bz2 files: For some reason, it is not possible to open some bz2 files for reading ('r:bz2') using the tarfile module. For instance, this is failing with the dlib landmarks model. If I use the bz2 module it works. This patch uses the bz2 module for bz2 compressed files.
    • !82 Resolve "The -DBOOST_VERSION flag has unnecessary and unwanted quotes": Closes #58
    • !76 Resolve "Documentation should be improved": [doc] added the reference to NumPy style docstrings, added note on new package instructions, added corresponding links Closes #55
  • v2.5.0
    Release v2.5.0
    • Big changes to the documentation of this package: divided guide in package development and package creation; added section for implementing configuration and command-line application for bob extensions.
    • Initial implementation for a (more) centrally-available python-based configuration system. The implementation is based on the config-file support that existed in bob.bio.base. Since the initial port, it has improved quite a lot to support a number of features. Check the documentation for details and how to use these on your packages.
    • Initial implementation of a command-line infrastructure for bob packages. The implementation is based on click and extensible to other packages in the Bob framework. Check the documentation for details.
    • Added support for stacked processors
    • Fixes for compilation from scratch on newer versions of gcc, namely by having a more comprehensive use of "-isystem"
    • Improvements to our internal search-path functionality for building other packages
    • Ported to new CI/CD
  • v2.4.5
  • v2.4.4
    Release v2.4.4
    • !51 Ask people to fix the doc badges before they release. This is necessary for current private packages before they get released publicly.
  • v2.4.3
    Release v2.4.3
    • Move away from pythonhosted.org documents and references
  • v2.4.2
    Release v2.4.2
    • Improve badge handing in new_version script
    • Don't open firefox to edit release notes (only write to screen)
  • v2.4.1
    Release v2.4.1
    • Change new_version script to handle new documentation URLs
  • v2.4.0
    Release v2.4.0
    • !37 !38 !39 !41 : Improved documentation for a better development guide
    • !42 : Improve the new version script in terms of functionality and documentation
  • v2.3.11
    Release v2.3.11

    Bug fix of 2.3.10: removal of zc.buildout bootstrap primitives

  • v2.3.10
    Release v2.3.10

    This release just removes zc.buildout bootstrapping from this package:

    • Fixes to examples
    • Fixes to documentation
    • Fixes to packaging
  • v2.3.9
    Release v2.3.9
    • Fixed documentation issues
    • Use non-encrypted version of pythonhosted.org
    • Adds a warning about compiling in debug mode. [doc] Adds a minimal buildout example.
    • Show the output of test commands
    • Changed some compilation flags
    • Show the output of test commands
    • Fix urls to match test expectation
    • Fix version number split
    • More efficient intersphinx mapping
    • Merge branch 'catch_ioerror' into 'master'
    • Add IOError catch clause for locally unavailable paths
    • Allow for multiple documentation server locations