Commit 8e844f57 authored by André Anjos's avatar André Anjos 💬
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Add antispoofing.utils.db compatibility layer

parent 7cc54328
......@@ -8,8 +8,11 @@ newest = false
develop = .
eggs = bob
;bob = /idiap/group/torch5spro/nightlies/last/install/linux-x86_64-release
bob = /Users/andre/work/bob/b/release/i
bob = /idiap/group/torch5spro/nightlies/last/install/linux-x86_64-release
extensions = mr.developer
antispoofing.utils = fs antispoofing.utils
recipe = xbob.buildout:external
......@@ -43,6 +43,11 @@ setup(
'bob.test': [
'replay = xbob.db.replay.test:ReplayDatabaseTest',
# antispoofing database declaration
'antispoofing.utils.db': [
'replay = xbob.db.replay.antispoofing:Database',
classifiers = [
#!/usr/bin/env python
# vim: set fileencoding=utf-8 :
# Tiago de Freitas Pereira <>
# Tue 01 Oct 2012 16:48:44 CEST
"""Replay attack database implementation as antispoofing.utils.db.Database"""
from . import __doc__ as long_description
from . import Database as ReplayDatabase
from antispoofing.utils import File as FileBase
from antispoofing.utils import Database as DatabaseBase
class File(FileBase):
def __init__(self, f):
"""Initializes this File object with our own File equivalent"""
self.__f = f
def videofile(self, directory=None):
return self.__f.videofile(directory=directory)
videofile.__doc__ = FileBase.videofile.__doc__
def facefile(self, directory=None):
return self.__f.facefile(directory=directory)
facefile.__doc__ = FileBase.facefile.__doc__
def bbx(self, directory=None):
return self.__f.bbx(directory=directory)
bbx.__doc__ = FileBase.bbx.__doc__
def load(self, directory=None, extension='.hdf5'):
return self.__f.load(directory=directory, extension=extension)
load.__doc__ = FileBase.bbx.__doc__
def save(self, data, directory=None, extension='.hdf5'):
return, directory=directory, extension=extension)
save.__doc__ =
def make_path(self, directory=None, extension=None):
return self.__f.make_path(directory=directory, extension=extension)
make_path.__doc__ = FileBase.make_path.__doc__
class Database(DatabaseBase):
__doc__ = long_description
def __init__ (self, args=None):
self.__db = ReplayDatabase()
self.__kwargs = {}
if args is not None:
self.__kwargs = {
'protocol': args.replay_protocol,
'support' : args.replay_support,
'light' : args.replay_light,
__init__.__doc__ = DatabaseBase.__init__.__doc__
def create_subparser(self, subparser, entry_point_name):
p = subparser.add_parser(entry_point_name, help=self.long_description())
protocols = [ for p in self.__db.protocols()]
p.add_argument('--protocol', type=str, dest="replay_protocol", default='grandtest', help='The REPLAY-ATTACK protocol type may be specified instead of the id switch to subselect a smaller number of files to operate on', choices=protocols)
p.add_argument('--support', type=str, choices=('fixed', 'hand'), default='', dest='replay_support', help='One of the valid supported attacks (fixed, hand) (defaults to "%(default)s")')
p.add_argument('--light', type=str, choices=('controlled', 'adverse'), default='', dest='replay_light', help='Types of illumination conditions (controlled,adverse) (defaults to "%(default)s")')
create_subparser.__doc__ = DatabaseBase.create_subparser.__doc__
def short_description(self):
return "Anti-Spoofing database with 1300 videos produced at Idiap, Switzerland"
short_description.__doc__ = DatabaseBase.short_description.__doc__
def long_description(self):
return Database.__doc__
long_description.__doc__ = DatabaseBase.long_description.__doc__
def implements_any_of(self, propname):
if isinstance(propname, (tuple,list)):
return 'video' in propname
elif propname is None:
return True
elif isinstance(propname, (str,unicode)):
return 'video' == propname
# does not implement the given access protocol
return False
def get_data(self, group):
"""Returns either all objects or objects for a specific group"""
real = dict(self__kwargs)
real.update({'groups': group, 'cls': 'real'})
attack = dict(self__kwargs)
attack.update({'groups': group, 'cls': 'attack'})
return [File(k) for k in self.__db.objects(**real)], \
[File(k) for k in self.__db.objects(**attack)]
def get_train_data(self):
return get_data('train')
get_train_data.__doc__ = DatabaseBase.get_train_data.__doc__
def get_devel_data(self):
return get_data('devel')
get_devel_data.__doc__ = DatabaseBase.get_devel_data.__doc__
def get_test_data(self):
return get_data('test')
get_test_data.__doc__ = DatabaseBase.get_test_data.__doc__
def get_all_data(self):
return get_data(None)
get_all_data.__doc__ = DatabaseBase.get_all_data.__doc__
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