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Fixing compatibility issues

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......@@ -54,13 +54,20 @@ class SGEIdiapJob(Job):
if job_extra is None:
job_extra = dask.config.get("jobqueue.%s.job-extra" % config_name)
# Resources
resources = None
if "resources" in kwargs or kwargs["resources"]:
resources = kwargs.pop("resources")
*args, config_name=config_name, death_timeout=10000, **kwargs
# Amending the --resources in the `distributed.cli.dask_worker` CLI command
if "resources" in kwargs and kwargs["resources"]:
resources = kwargs["resources"]
# if "resources" in kwargs and kwargs["resources"]:
if not resources:
# resources = kwargs["resources"]
# Preparing the string to be sent to `dask-worker` command
def _resource_to_str(resources):
......@@ -292,6 +299,7 @@ class SGEMultipleQueuesCluster(JobQueueCluster):
max_jobs = get_max_jobs(sge_job_spec)
# Adapting to minimim 1 job to maximum 48 jobs
# interval: Milliseconds between checks from the scheduler
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