Commit aa994f82 authored by Amir MOHAMMADI's avatar Amir MOHAMMADI
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[DelayedSample] Allow for arbitrary delayed attributes

Also, Disable caching
parent 6ea25543
......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ class DelayedSample(_ReprMixin):
A python function that can be called parameterlessly, to load the
sample in question from whatever medium
......@@ -95,24 +95,38 @@ class DelayedSample(_ReprMixin):
If passed, consider this as a parent of this sample, to copy
delayed_attributes : dict or None
A dictionary of name : load_fn pairs that will be used to create
attributes of name : load_fn() in this class. Use this to option
to create more delayed attributes than just ````.
kwargs : dict
Further attributes of this sample, to be stored and eventually
transmitted to transformed versions of the sample
def __init__(self, load, parent=None, **kwargs):
self.load = load
def __init__(self, load, parent=None, delayed_attributes=None, **kwargs):
if parent is not None:
_copy_attributes(self, parent.__dict__)
_copy_attributes(self, kwargs)
self._data = None
self.load = load
self.delayed_attributes = delayed_attributes
def __getattr__(self, name: str):
if self.delayed_attributes is None:
raise AttributeError(name)
load_fn = self.delayed_attributes.get(name)
if load_fn is None:
raise AttributeError(name)
return load_fn()
def data(self):
"""Loads the data from the disk file."""
if self._data is None:
self._data = self.load()
return self._data
return self.load()
class SampleSet(MutableSequence, _ReprMixin):
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