Commit 9306abad authored by Laurent COLBOIS's avatar Laurent COLBOIS

Update default worker_ttl to 2 minutes

parent 328b7190
Pipeline #53725 passed with stage
in 16 minutes and 13 seconds
......@@ -480,7 +480,7 @@ class SchedulerResourceRestriction(Scheduler):
super(SchedulerResourceRestriction, self).__init__(
idle_timeout=rc.get("bob.pipelines.sge.idle_timeout", 3600),
allowed_failures=rc.get("bob.pipelines.sge.allowed_failures", 100),
worker_ttl=rc.get("bob.pipelines.sge.worker_ttl", 60),
worker_ttl=rc.get("bob.pipelines.sge.worker_ttl", 120),
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