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......@@ -202,6 +202,14 @@ class BatlPadDatabase(PadDatabase):
infrared data only, use 50 frames, join train and dev sets forming
a single large training set.
"grandtest-infrared-50-LOO_<unseen_attack>", for example "grandtest-infrared-50-LOO_fakehead"
- Leave One Out (LOO) protocol with fakehead attacks present only in the `test` set. The original partitioning
in the `grandtest` protocol is queried first and subselects the file list such
that the specified `unknown_attack` is removed from both `train` and `dev` sets.
The `test` set will consist of only the selected `unknown_attack` and `bonafide` files.
This protocol is used to evaluate the robustness against attacks unseen in training.
"grandtest-color*infrared-50" - baseline protocol,
load both "color" and "infrared" channels,
use 50 frames.
......@@ -605,7 +613,7 @@ class BatlPadDatabase(PadDatabase):
if 'test' in groups:
tbatl_files = self.db.objects(protocol=protocol,
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