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......@@ -52,34 +52,6 @@ Database setups and face PAD algorithms are encoded using
in the directory ``bob/pad/face/config``. Documentation for each resource
is available on the section :ref:`bob.pad.face.resources`.
.. warning::
You **cannot** run experiments just by executing the command line
instructions described in this guide. You **need first** to procure yourself
the raw data files that correspond to *each* database used here to correctly
run experiments with those data. Biometric data is considered private and,
under EU regulations, cannot be distributed without a consent or license.
You may consult our :ref:`bob.pad.face.resources.databases` resources
section for checking currently supported databases and accessing download
links for the raw data files.
Once the raw data files have been downloaded, particular attention should be
given to the directory locations of those. Unpack the databases carefully
and take note of the root directory where they have been unpacked.
Then, carefully read the *Databases* section of
:ref:`bob.pad.base.installation` on how to correctly setup the
``~/.bob_bio_databases.txt`` file.
Use the following command with the appropriate database name (see
.. code-block:: sh
bob config set bob.db.<dbname> /path/to/the/db/folder
Once this step is done, you can proceed with the execution of the experiment.
.. include:: links.rst
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