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Merge branch 'updates' into 'master'

Adding allow-missing-files to projection and scoring

See merge request !18
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......@@ -115,13 +115,31 @@ def project(algorithm, extractor, groups=None, indices=None, allow_missing_files
feature_file = str(feature_files[i])
projected_file = str(projected_files[i])
if not os.path.exists(feature_file):
if allow_missing_files:
logger.debug("... Cannot find extracted feature file %s; skipping", feature_file)
logger.error("Cannot find extracted feature file %s", feature_file)
if not utils.check_file(projected_file, force, 1000):"- Projection: projecting file: %s", feature_file)
logger.debug("... Projecting features for file '%s'", feature_file)
# load feature
feature = extractor.read_feature(feature_file)
# project feature
projected = algorithm.project(feature)
if projected is None:
if allow_missing_files:
logger.debug("... Projection for extracted file %s failed; skipping", feature_file)
raise RuntimeError("Projection of file '%s' was not successful" % feature_file)
# write it
algorithm.write_feature(projected, projected_file)
logger.debug("... Skipping feature file '%s' since projected file '%s' exists", feature_file, projected_file)
......@@ -22,13 +22,19 @@ from .FileSelector import FileSelector
from import utils
def _compute_scores(algorithm, toscore_objects):
"""Compute scores for the given list of objectis using provided algorithm.
def _compute_scores(algorithm, toscore_objects, allow_missing_files):
"""Compute scores for the given list of objects using provided algorithm.
# the scores to be computed
scores = []
# Loops over the toscore sets
for i, toscore_element in enumerate(toscore_objects):
# filter missing files
if allow_missing_files and not os.path.exists(toscore_element):
# we keep NaN score for such elements
scores.insert(i, [numpy.nan])
# read toscore
toscore = algorithm.read_toscore_object(toscore_element)
# compute score
......@@ -100,8 +106,11 @@ def _save_scores(score_file, scores, toscore_objects, write_compressed=False):
for i, toscore_object in enumerate(toscore_objects):
id_str = (str(toscore_object.client_id)).zfill(3)
sample_name = str(toscore_object.make_path())
# scores[i] is a list, so
# each sample is allowed to have multiple scores
for score in scores[i]:
if not toscore_object.attack_type or toscore_object.attack_type=="None":
if not toscore_object.attack_type or toscore_object.attack_type == "None":
_write(f, "%s %s %s %.12f\n" % (id_str, id_str, sample_name, score), write_compressed)
attackname = toscore_object.attack_type
......@@ -110,7 +119,7 @@ def _save_scores(score_file, scores, toscore_objects, write_compressed=False):
_close_written(score_file, f, write_compressed)
def _scores_all(algorithm, group, force, write_compressed=False):
def _scores_all(algorithm, group, force, allow_missing_files=False, write_compressed=False):
"""Computes scores for all (real, attack) files in a given group using the provided algorithm."""
# the file selector object
fs = FileSelector.instance()
......@@ -122,6 +131,7 @@ def _scores_all(algorithm, group, force, write_compressed=False):
type_objects = ['real', 'attack']
total_scores = []
one_score_file_exists = False
for i in range(0, 2):
current_objects = current_toscore_objects[i]
obj_type = type_objects[i]
......@@ -132,19 +142,25 @@ def _scores_all(algorithm, group, force, write_compressed=False):
if utils.check_file(score_file, force):
logger.warn("Score file '%s' already exists.", score_file)
total_scores = []
one_score_file_exists = True
# get the attack files
current_files = fs.get_paths(current_objects, 'projected' if algorithm.performs_projection else 'extracted')
# compute scores for the list of File objects
cur_scores = _compute_scores(algorithm, current_files)
cur_scores = _compute_scores(algorithm, current_files, allow_missing_files)
total_scores += cur_scores
# Save scores to text file
_save_scores(score_file, cur_scores, current_objects, write_compressed)
if total_scores != [] and not utils.check_file(fs.score_file_combined(group), force):
# save all scores together in one file
_save_scores(fs.score_file_combined(group), total_scores,
current_toscore_objects[0]+current_toscore_objects[1], write_compressed)
if one_score_file_exists:
logger.warn("Since at least one score file already pre-existed, "
"we skip combining individual score files together. "
"You can do it manually, using 'cat' or similar utilities.")
_save_scores(fs.score_file_combined(group), total_scores,
current_toscore_objects[0]+current_toscore_objects[1], write_compressed)
def compute_scores(algorithm, force=False, groups=['dev', 'eval'], allow_missing_files=False, write_compressed=False):
......@@ -175,4 +191,4 @@ def compute_scores(algorithm, force=False, groups=['dev', 'eval'], allow_missing
for group in groups:
_scores_all(algorithm, group, force, write_compressed)
_scores_all(algorithm, group, force, allow_missing_files, write_compressed)
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