Commit 5633d163 authored by Pavel KORSHUNOV's avatar Pavel KORSHUNOV
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allow missing files scoring

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......@@ -131,6 +131,7 @@ def _scores_all(algorithm, group, force, allow_missing_files=False, write_compre
type_objects = ['real', 'attack']
total_scores = []
one_score_file_exists = False
for i in range(0, 2):
current_objects = current_toscore_objects[i]
obj_type = type_objects[i]
......@@ -141,6 +142,7 @@ def _scores_all(algorithm, group, force, allow_missing_files=False, write_compre
if utils.check_file(score_file, force):
logger.warn("Score file '%s' already exists.", score_file)
total_scores = []
one_score_file_exists = True
# get the attack files
current_files = fs.get_paths(current_objects, 'projected' if algorithm.performs_projection else 'extracted')
......@@ -152,8 +154,13 @@ def _scores_all(algorithm, group, force, allow_missing_files=False, write_compre
if total_scores != [] and not utils.check_file(fs.score_file_combined(group), force):
# save all scores together in one file
_save_scores(fs.score_file_combined(group), total_scores,
current_toscore_objects[0]+current_toscore_objects[1], write_compressed)
if one_score_file_exists:
logger.warn("Since at least one score file already pre-existed, "
"we skip combining individual score files together. "
"You can do it manually, using 'cat' or similar utilities.")
_save_scores(fs.score_file_combined(group), total_scores,
current_toscore_objects[0]+current_toscore_objects[1], write_compressed)
def compute_scores(algorithm, force=False, groups=['dev', 'eval'], allow_missing_files=False, write_compressed=False):
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