Add keras-based models, add pixel-wise loss, other improvements

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  • d47eae91 Add dataset_to_hdf5 command
  • cc8a142a EPSC estimators and losses
  • 8e274774 improve block extraction
  • b9583f15 Add a parallel read option to dataset_from_tfrecords
  • a8bc6541 Add an extra feed option to the extractors
  • 1c3fdb10 improve logging for vat loss
  • 9058f1a8 Add more logging to bob tf cache-dataset
  • e7445a23 Save one best evaluation checkpoint by default
  • c82154ef Allow architectures to provide the logits layer
  • 281e1c26 Add more logging to the predict commands
  • ac7d3eda Add a pixel wise loss
  • 2f7fec82 Add keras-based models
  • c9311f9c Move utils to the utils folder
  • 70e0b851 Allow shuffle on epoch end in generator
  • 54a80323 add a function to load png images
  • 036a308f improve logging
  • e155ed50 improve logging in losses
  • fa765388 add center loss, mmd loss, and pairwise confusion loss
  • d957c74a make sure densenet layer names are consistent
  • 63993d46 nitpick
  • cda150df add starting point options to the style transfer script
  • 7fabc04e Add more utils
  • cb9744bc new keras models
  • 38de7bdc Add GAN tools
  • f6e1bb57 implement random rotate
  • aece6e1b improve the generator and biogenerator classes
  • 6e6addea nitpick
  • b9cc5a9a handle nans in network predictions
  • 27e73aec cast labels to required format
  • 8082804e fix imports
  • b9fd76bd Add model_summary to keras utils
  • 4a714e00 add more option to reproducible
  • 3241c38a Add keras version of models
  • f481311f remove six dependency
  • 36c3f4b9 Add a Gaussian blur filter
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