A lot of new features

Merged Amir MOHAMMADI requested to merge new-features into master
  • 905ffc94 small changes: nit, bug fix, small features
  • 214fad7a Add scripts for training keras models using keras API
  • 13ae3919 Add two functions to allow dynamic weighting of samples per batch
  • c77e386e Add several extractors which are usefull at inference time
  • 0b0055bf Add a generic Generator class alternative to BioGenerator
  • 18e34e61 Add virtual adversarial training loss
  • fcc10424 Fix the euclidean function so that its gradients don't become nan. Also moves the bytes_to_human function
  • 5ad23cfd Add a hook to add some tensors to the summary
  • 9f3b752b Add bob tf predict command
  • 09edcdf7 Fix the image augmentation function
  • 9921e122 Add dataset_to_tfrecord and dataset_from_tfrecord
  • c3c9e9a1 Make bob tf cache command useful
  • 316eca76 Add a new MLP architecture
  • 6809b360 Fixes in inception architectures
  • 0ab7c214 setup.py required changes for multiple features

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