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Crafted a script tha generates LFW pairs for validation

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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Script that converts bob.db.lfw database to TF records
%(prog)s <data-path> <output-file> [--extension=<arg> --protocol=<arg> --verbose]
%(prog)s --help
%(prog)s --version
-h --help show this help message and exit
<data-path> Path that contains the features
--extension=<arg> Default feature extension [default: .hdf5]
--protocol=<arg> One of the LFW protocols [default: view1]
The possible protocol options are the following:
'view1', 'fold1', 'fold2', 'fold3', 'fold4', 'fold5', 'fold6', 'fold7', 'fold8', 'fold9', 'fold10'
More details about our interface to LFW database can be found in
import tensorflow as tf
from import create_directories_safe
from import load, read_config_file
from bob.core.log import setup, set_verbosity_level
import bob.db.lfw
import os
logger = setup(__name__)
def _bytes_feature(value):
return tf.train.Feature(bytes_list=tf.train.BytesList(value=[value]))
def _int64_feature(value):
return tf.train.Feature(int64_list=tf.train.Int64List(value=[value]))
def file_to_label(client_ids, f):
return client_ids[str(f.client_id)]
def get_pairs(all_pairs, match=True):
pairs = []
for p in all_pairs:
if p.is_match == match:
return pairs
def main(argv=None):
from docopt import docopt
args = docopt(__doc__, version='')
data_path = args['<data-path>']
output_file = args['<output-file>']
extension = args['--extension']
protocol = args['--protocol']
#Setting the reader
reader =
# Sets-up logging
if args['--verbose']:
verbosity = 2
set_verbosity_level(logger, verbosity)
# Loading LFW models
database = bob.db.lfw.Database()
all_pairs = get_pairs(database.pairs(protocol=protocol), match=True)
client_ids = list(set([f.client_id for f in all_pairs]))
client_ids = dict(zip(client_ids, range(len(client_ids))))
n_files = len(all_pairs)
with tf.python_io.TFRecordWriter(output_file) as writer:
for i, f in enumerate(all_pairs):'Processing file %d out of %d', i + 1, n_files)
path = f.make_path(data_path, extension)
data = reader(path).astype('float32').tostring()
feature = {'train/data': _bytes_feature(data),
'train/label': _int64_feature(file_to_label(client_ids, f))}
example = tf.train.Example(features=tf.train.Features(feature=feature))
if __name__ == '__main__':
......@@ -50,7 +50,8 @@ setup(
' = bob.learn.tensorflow.script.compute_statistics:main',
' = bob.learn.tensorflow.script.train:main',
'bob_db_to_tfrecords = bob.learn.tensorflow.script.db_to_tfrecords:main',
' = bob.learn.tensorflow.script.load_and_debug:main'
' = bob.learn.tensorflow.script.load_and_debug:main',
' = bob.learn.tensorflow.script.lfw_db_to_tfrecords:main'
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