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Mention at which step did the best value happen

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......@@ -141,6 +141,7 @@ class EarlyStopping(tf.train.SessionRunHook):
# Allow instances to be re-used
self.wait = 0 = np.Inf if self.monitor_op == np.less else -np.Inf
self.global_step_of_best = 0
def begin(self):
self.values = []
......@@ -148,26 +149,36 @@ class EarlyStopping(tf.train.SessionRunHook):
self.monitor = _as_graph_element(self.monitor)
self.monitor = _as_graph_element(
self.global_step_tensor = tf.train.get_global_step()
def before_run(self, run_context):
return tf.train.SessionRunArgs(self.monitor)
return tf.train.SessionRunArgs([self.monitor, self.global_step_tensor])
def after_run(self, run_context, run_values):
monitor, global_step = run_values.results
# global step does not change during evaluation so keeping one of them
# is enough.
self.global_step_value = global_step
def _should_stop(self):
current = np.mean(self.values)'%s is currently at %f and the best value was %f',, current,
'%s is currently at %f (at step of %d) and the best value was %f '
'(at step of %d)',, current,
self.global_step_value,, self.global_step_of_best)
if self.monitor_op(current - self.min_delta, = current
self.wait = 0
self.global_step_of_best = self.global_step_value
if self.wait >= self.patience:
raise EarlyStopException(
'Early stopping happened with {} at best of '
'{} and current of {}'.format(
self.monitor,, current))
message = 'Early stopping happened with {} at best of ' \
'{} (at step {}) and current of {} (at step {})'.format(,, self.global_step_of_best,
current, self.global_step_value)
raise EarlyStopException(message)
self.wait += 1
def end(self, session):
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