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Added function that is able to automatically detect the...

Added function that is able to automatically detect the image type (using imghdr.what)
parent 10a67d72
......@@ -18,6 +18,45 @@ def get_config():
return bob.extension.get_config(__name__, version.externals)
def load(filename, extension=None):
"""load(filename) -> image
This function loads and image from the file with the specified ``filename``.
The type of the image will be determined based on the ``extension`` parameter, which can have the following values:
- ``None``: The file name extension of the ``filename`` is used to determine the image type.
- ``'auto'``: The type of the image will be detected automatically, using the :py:mod:`imghdr` module.
- ``'.xxx`'': The image type is determined by the given extension.
For a list of possible extensions, see :py:func:`` (only the image extensions are valid here).
``filename`` : str
The name of the image file to load.
``extension`` : str
[Default: ``None``] If given, the given extension will determine the type of the image.
Use ``'auto'`` to automatically determine the extension (this might take slightly more time).
``image`` : 2D or 3D :py:class:`numpy.ndarray` of type ``uint8``
The image read from the specified file.
# check the extension
if extension is None:
f =, 'r')
if extension == 'auto':
import imghdr
extension = "." + imghdr.what(filename)
f =, 'r', extension)
# use the same alias as for
read = load
def get_include_directories():
"""get_include_directories() -> includes
......@@ -11,6 +11,8 @@
import os
import numpy
from import load, write, test_utils
import nose
# These are some global parameters for the test.
PNG_INDEXED_COLOR = test_utils.datafile('img_indexed_color.png', __name__)
......@@ -67,6 +69,24 @@ def test_netpbm():
# because of re-compression
def test_image_load():
# test that the generic function works as expected
for filename in ('test.jpg', 'test.pbm', 'test.pgm', 'test.ppm', 'img_rgba_color.png'):
full_file = test_utils.datafile(filename, __name__)
# load with just image name
i1 =
# load with image name and extension
i2 =, os.path.splitext(full_file)[1])
assert numpy.array_equal(i1,i2)
# load with image name and automatically estimated extension
i3 =, 'auto')
assert numpy.array_equal(i1,i3)
# assert that unknown extensions raise exceptions, lambda x:, ".unknown"), full_file)
def test_cpp_interface():
from ._library import _test_io
import tempfile
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