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[scripts/dav] Remove free command (not working)

parent e3b81d9e
......@@ -271,31 +271,3 @@ def upload(private, execute, local, remote):
echo_info('cp %s %s' % (k, remote_path))
if execute:
cl.upload_file(local_path=k, remote_path=actual_remote)
1. Lists the amount of free disk space on the WebDAV server:
$ bdt dav -vv free
help="If set, use the 'private' area instead of the public one",
def free(private):
"""Lists the amount of free space on the webserver disk
cl = setup_webdav_client(private)
data =
......@@ -92,7 +92,6 @@ setup(
'makedirs = bob.devtools.scripts.dav:makedirs',
'rmtree = bob.devtools.scripts.dav:rmtree',
'upload = bob.devtools.scripts.dav:upload',
#'free = bob.devtools.scripts.dav:free',
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