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Fix circular import

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from import FaceCrop, MultiFaceCrop, Scale
from import (
import as helpers
def face_crop_solver(
......@@ -68,10 +63,10 @@ def get_default_cropped_positions(mode, cropped_image_size, annotation_type):
``annotation_type`` is a list
if mode == "legacy":
return legacy_default_cropping(cropped_image_size, annotation_type)
return helpers.legacy_default_cropping(cropped_image_size, annotation_type)
elif mode in ["dnn", "facenet", "arcface"]:
return dnn_default_cropping(cropped_image_size, annotation_type)
return helpers.dnn_default_cropping(cropped_image_size, annotation_type)
elif mode == "pad":
return pad_default_cropping(cropped_image_size, annotation_type)
return helpers.pad_default_cropping(cropped_image_size, annotation_type)
raise ValueError("Unknown default cropping mode `{}`".format(mode))
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