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  • v5.0.0
    Release v5.0.0
    • !69 Make all the transformers work with lists by default
    • !47 Accept an annotator in FaceCrop: related to #26
    • !70 Renamed the resources to use dash instead of under score: Renamed the resources to use dash instead of under score what we've discussed yesterday @ydayer
    • !72 Fix transformers naming in tests: Fixed some tests that failed after !70. Added temporary models data folder in .gitignore.
    • !71 Face crop improvements
    • !64 Dask pipelines
    • !75 [Preprocessor] Fix color channel: This fixes bugs introduced by commit 38e6503f. - Removing ambiguity in Base between color_channelattribute and color_channel method (-> changed to change_color_channel method) - Patching tests to send a list of arrays to Base.transform, not an array (as required)
    • !76 Fixed Scaler and preprocessors that use annotations
    • !77 TF2 pipelines: Hi @lcolbois, I'm opening an MR with your port. Let's do it one by one. Thanks for starting this work
    • !78 Remove bob.db.msumfsd_mod
    • !79 Arcface from InsightFace: Hey @amohammadi, Shall I add mxnet in bob-devel? Thanks
    • !73 Adaptation of Annotator to Tranformer: Removes facedetect and facelandmark. MTCNN follows the Transformer interface. The implementation of MTCNN annotations() (in bob.ip.tensoflow_extractor) must be changed to accept a batch of images.
    • !82 Cleanup: Making builds green again
    • !83 memory_demanding for TF based transformers: There are some situations where you have SampleSets with more than 1000 samples and we can't just TF forward them in one shot without OOM. In this MR I introduce the argument memory_demanding, where, once it's set to true, will `forward one sample at a time.
    • !80 Port display-face-annotations script: Created a click command for the display-face-annotations script and fixed tests.
    • !84 Test Facenet: This completes the testing of FaceNet by comparing with the embeddings generated in the TF1 version. N.B : Currently the test does NOT succeed bob/bob.bio.face!
    • !81 Sample Loaders able to handle certain type of annotations...: .... and the implementation of the MEDS dataset as file lists
    • !86 Some fixes to allow vulnerability tests with replay-attack and replay-mobile database
    • !87 Renamed CSVDatasetDevEval to CSVDataset
    • !89 Updates: - Added MORPH dataset - Proper documented the MEDS database - Fixed eyes annotation issue
    • !88 SampleLoader as transformer: Depends on bob.pipelines!60 ping @ydayer @amohammadi
    • !90 Updated Capeal database
    • !92 MultiFaceCrop: Test and describe the MultiFaceCrop preprocessor Integrates it into the baselines Now can run instructions such as bob bio pipelines vanilla-biometrics multipie-pose inception-resnetv2-msceleb and have the MultiFaceCrop automatically selected.
    • !93 Small fixes the database tests so it flawlessly passes in [mac] builds
    • !94 Fixing the temp directory path for legacy algorithms IF checkpointing is off: Hi @lcolbois, Thanks for detecting the problem and opening the issue with all the details. The problem is that most of the legacy algorithms are not pickled serializable, therefore, we can't wrap their transformations as :any:bob.pipelines.Sample and use pipelines in memory (vanilla-biometrics without the --checkpoint option). Hence, we need to make them automatically "checkpointable" and use their legacy functions to persist data into the disk in a temporary directory. This was wrongly set in the lgbphs baseline. The /tmp/ was being set by default and this is not valid while running stuff on cluster. Basically, you are persisting data on the /tmp of every node and obviously, this directory is not visible in other nodes. That's why things work locally and on the grid with checkpoints. In this MR bob.bio.base!238 I formalized a function that generates proper temporary directories that are visible on the cluster. closes #39
    • !91 Porting databases to the CSV interface: Hey, I'm starting from Mobio and will probably do MultiPIE (ping @lcolbois) tonight. Shall we deprecate the corresponding bob.dbs? I would keep them around for a while...
    • !95 Multipie Leaderboard: This introduces + Documentation on Multipie + Leaderboard with baseline results + A script for specifically plotting HTER in function of camera angle, with results
    • !97 [Fix] Legacy helpers with fixed annotations: This fixes the helpers used for defining legacy baselines, when using fixed annotations. Beforehand, the instantiated cropper was still expecting to receive an "annotation" metadata, which broke the execution. I fixed a similar issue a while ago for Tensorflow baselines but missed to also fix legacy baselines. ping @tiago.pereira
    • !99 [Fix][FaceCrop] Feed annotator with list of images: This fixes #40.
    • !100 Resolve "EyesAnnotations ordering of x & y coordinates is wrong": Closes #41
    • !96 TF2 training: Wrapping up an old script that trains some angular FR models (ArcFace, SphereFace, Modsoftmax) using different backbones
    • !101 Changed 112x112 crop: Changed the 112x112. In that way, the arcface-insightface gives ~0% on the Mobio dataset [Min. criterion: EER ] Threshold on Development set `/idiap/temp/tpereira/temp/insight-face/scores-dev`: -2.459333e+01 ===================== ================ ================= .. Development Evaluation ===================== ================ ================= Failure to Acquire 0.00% 0.00% False Match Rate 0.03% (20/57960) 0.04% (65/147630) False Non Match Rate 0.04% (1/2520) 0.00% (0/3990) False Accept Rate 0.03% 0.04% False Reject Rate 0.04% 0.00% Half Total Error Rate 0.04% 0.02% ===================== ================ =================
    • !102 New baselines: Included two new baselines trained with ArcFace head These two were trained by myself using MSCeleb. resnet50-msceleb-arcface-2021 ===================== ================ ================= .. Development Evaluation ===================== ================ ================= Failure to Acquire 0.0% 0.0% False Match Rate 0.5% (299/57960) 0.4% (531/147630) False Non Match Rate 0.5% (13/2520) 1.5% (59/3990) False Accept Rate 0.5% 0.4% False Reject Rate 0.5% 1.5% Half Total Error Rate 0.5% 0.9% ===================== ================ ================= mobilenetv2-msceleb-arcface-2021 [Min. criterion: EER ] Threshold on Development set `/idiap/temp/tpereira/temp/mobilenetv2-mobio-male/scores-dev`: -9.859437e-01 ===================== ================ ================== .. Development Evaluation ===================== ================ ================== Failure to Acquire 0.0% 0.0% False Match Rate 1.1% (621/57960) 1.0% (1534/147630) False Non Match Rate 1.1% (27/2520) 2.5% (100/3990) False Accept Rate 1.1% 1.0% False Reject Rate 1.1% 2.5% Half Total Error Rate 1.1% 1.8% ===================== ================ ================== To use it do in a FR experiment do: bob bio pipelines vanilla-biometrics <database> resnet50-msceleb-arcface-2021 ....
    • !103 Fix LFW database: - Ported some databases to the the CSVSampleLoaderBiometrics - Set the flag allow_scoring_with_all_biometric_references=False in the LFW database entry-points. ping @mguenther
    • !104 Resolve "ArcFace (MXNET) + IJBC lead to memory error": Closes #42
    • !105 New baseline: New baseline. Resnet50 (the one from keras) trained with VGG2 and arcface loss. Resource resnet50-vgg2-arcface-2021
    • !107 [tests] Mark tensorflow tests as slow: related to #43
    • !108 Replace nose with pytest: Related to bob#267
    • !109 Remove duplicated tests: Improved the test_baseline tests to be tight with the score values, so we indirectly test the embeddings. Hence, we pretty much have the same coverage. The coverage decreased 1% due to some resources that are not activated, but it's fine. ~26 minutes and 17 GB ram usage much improved compared to 56 min and 28 GB RAM usage
    • !110 Casia Africa Database: Created Casia-Africa database interface. - [x] Documentation - [x] Tests - [x] Resources
    • !111 Integrating HTFace databases: Hi, I quickly integrated some HTFace databases. Here I ported the polathermal (VIS-Thermal) dataset and CBSR dataset (VIS-NIR) ping @amohammadi @ageorge @sebastien.marcel
  • v4.0.5b0   First beta [skip-ci]
  • v4.0.4
    Release v4.0.4
    • !60 Removed outdated COPYING and updated MANIFEST.in: This merge request fixes an inconsistency in the licenses. The copying file hadn't been removed and the MANIFEST.in file was still using it. This patch fixes both.
  • v4.0.3
    Release v4.0.3
    • !59 [mtcnn-annotator] replace it bob.ip.mtcnn with bob.ip.tensorflow_extractor
  • v4.0.2
    Release v4.0.2
    • Python 3.7 support
  • v4.0.1
    Release v4.0.1
    • !53 Do not allow upside down faces in FaceCrop by default: Fixes #33
    • !54 Remove bob.ip.dlib annotator: bob.ip.dlib is no longer maintained.
    • !52 Add Fargo database: New face recognition database.
    • !55 added FARGO stuff wherever it was needed:
    • !44 Fix the header level of index.rst
    • !57 Improve the warning message in FaceCrop
    • !56 Improve Replay Mobile interface
  • v4.0.0
    Release v4.0.0
    • Breaking changes:
    • Dropped support for CSU baselines
    • Detailed changes:
    • !47 Accept an annotator in FaceCrop: related to #26
    • !48 Dropped support to CSU baselines issue #29
    • !51 Removing baselines: Related to this MR !49
    • !50 Ijbc highlevel
    • !49 Refactoring baselines: Now we can all the facerec baselines can be reached via bob bio baselines --help. Refer to docs.
  • v3.4.0
    Release v3.4.0
    • Implemented IJBA customized plot
    • Make the original_directory and annotation_directory a property
    • Created IJBB high level interface
    • Added script to display face annotations provided by a database.
    • Migrate to conda based CI
    • improve docs and tests
  • v3.3.0
    Release v3.3.0
    • bob.bio.face!78 Removed Algorithm.read_probe method, since this is already solved via bob.bio.base
    • !33 improve the score files by adding attack type information
    • [ci] Droped python 3.4 support and added python 3.6
    • !30 Updated baseline script to search for executables
  • v3.2.0
    Release v3.2.0
    • !27 : Base preprocessor accept **kwargs
  • v3.1.0
  • v3.0.0
    Release v3.0.0

    Outcome of the refactoring 2016 (new database interface).


    42 commits in total

    6ad4dade Increased latest version to 3.0.1b0 [skip ci]

    e83032d3 Increased stable version to 3.0.0

    80c8d778 Merge branch 'patch-doc' into 'master'

    faf478f9 Add missing database import

    ecda185b Merge branch 'patch-doc' into 'master'

    fa7559c3 Point to gitlab pages

    60de5d64 Merge branch 'replay' into 'master'

    d09c7927 Add replay config and documentation

    fa9a3e36 [ci] update the ci file

    d3c29b15 Merge branch 'pre-release' into 'master'

    15fc689b Point to gitlab.idiap.ch

    cfc00481 Fixed sphinx warnings

    1e36d500 Merge branch 'issue-8-remove-database-configuration' into 'master'

    f9a1cb41 Solved issue #9 - Test -requirements are missing

    3afbe77f Merge branch 'issue-8-remove-database-configuration' into 'master'

    d3859cf5 [refactoring2016] Added more tests

    12bbf122 Removed temporary buildout

    273a10a2 Merge branch 'issue-8-remove-database-configuration' into 'master'

    a2460a0a [refactoring2016] Fixed small bug

    9981d93d [refactoring2016] modifications in the contructor

    4e2fbfe2 [refactoring2016] Removed the temporary modifications

    dded0e08 [refactoring2016] Added ATNT entry point

    1d83fbfd [refactoring2016] Fixed the extension

    56f77097 Testing ci

    d1e64fe8 Testing ci

    94546899 Added bob.db.base in the eggs

    c39ee0fd Added gridtk

    5f6d61aa Temporary ci

    4de8a012 [refactoring2016] Updated the annotation type

    c117c223 [refactoring2016] Temporary ci file. This will not be merged

    aa4903a7 [refactoring2016] Moved highlevel interface to bob.bio.face

    c988740d Solving issue #8 from bob.bio.db . Moving database config files to bob.bio.db

    52ced2e3 no need to test atnt here

    a94ef624 Remove atnt config file since it is bob.bio.db

    1024d805 [refactoring_2016] Removed references to bob.db.verification.utils

    0b77c0fc [refactoring_2016] Removed bob.db.verification.utils

    f3036b90 Removed dependency with bob.bio.base.DatabaseBob

    49736214 Removed tests with FRGC

    5809aba0 Added more packages

    ae7fb2df [refactoring_2016] Migrating the database entry points to point to the High Level Interfaces

    51718618 Standardize

    7b7b4a46 Increased latest version to 2.0.6b0 [skip ci]

  • v2.0.5
  • v2.0.4
  • v2.0.3
  • v2.0.2
  • v2.0.1
  • v2.0.0