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Example buildout environment .. vim: set fileencoding=utf-8 :
============================ .. Andre Anjos <>
.. Thu 30 Jan 08:46:53 2014 CET
This simple example demonstrates how to wrap Bob-based scripts on buildout .. image::
environments. This may be useful for homework assignments, tests or as a way to :target:
distribute code to reproduce your publication. In summary, if you need to give .. image::
out code to others, we recommend you do it following this template so your code :target:
can be tested, documented and run in an orderly fashion. .. image::
.. image::
.. image::
.. image::
.. image::
Installation =================================
------------ Run face recognition algorithms
This package contains functionality to run face recognition experiments.
It is an extension to the ` <>`_ package, which provides the basic scripts.
In this package, utilities that are specific for face recognition are contained, such as:
.. note:: * Image databases
* Image preprocesors, including face detection and facial image alignment
* Image feature extractors
* Recognition algorithms based on image features
To follow these instructions locally you will need a local copy of this
package. For that, you can use the github tarball API to download the package::
$ wget --no-check-certificate -O- | tar xz Installation
$ mv idiap-bob.project* bob.project.example ------------
To install this package -- alone or together with other `Packages of Bob <>`_ -- please read the `Installation Instructions <>`_.
For Bob_ to be able to work properly, some dependent packages are required to be installed.
Please make sure that you have read the `Dependencies <>`_ for your operating system.
Documentation and Further Information Documentation
------------------------------------- -------------
For further documentation on this package, please read the `Stable Version <>`_ or the `Latest Version <>`_ of the documentation.
For a list of tutorials on this or the other packages ob Bob_, or information on submitting issues, asking questions and starting discussions, please visit its website.
Please refer to the latest Bob user guide, accessing from the `Bob website .. _bob:
<>`_ for how to create your own packages based on
this example. In particular, the Section entitled `Organize Your Work in
Satellite Packages <>`_
contains details on how to setup, build and roll out your code.
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