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move annotation normalization to

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from .Base import Base
from bob.ip.facedetect import bounding_box_from_annotation
def bounding_box_to_annotations(bbx):
......@@ -7,63 +6,3 @@ def bounding_box_to_annotations(bbx):
landmarks['topleft'] = bbx.topleft_f
landmarks['bottomright'] = bbx.bottomright_f
return landmarks
def normalize_annotations(annotations, validator, max_age=-1):
"""Normalizes the annotations of one video sequence. It fills the
annotations for frames from previous ones if the annotation for the current
frame is not valid.
annotations : dict
A dict of dict where the keys to the first dict are frame indices as
strings (starting from 0). The inside dicts contain annotations for
that frame.
validator : callable
Takes a dict (annotations) and returns True if the annotations are
valid. This can be check based on minimal face size for example.
max_age : :obj:`int`, optional
An integer indicating for a how many frames a detected face is valid if
no detection occurs after such frame. A value of -1 == forever
The corrected annotations of frames.
# the annotations for the current frame
current = {}
age = 0
for k, annot in annotations.items():
if validator(annot):
current = annot
age = 0
elif max_age < 0 or age < max_age:
age += 1
else: # no detections and age is larger than maximum allowed
current = {}
yield current
def min_face_size_validator(annotations, min_face_size=32):
"""Validates annotations based on face's minimal size.
annotations : dict
The annotations in dictionary format.
min_face_size : int, optional
The minimal size of a face.
True, if the face is large enough.
bbx = bounding_box_from_annotation(**annotations)
if bbx.size < 32:
return False
return True
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