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[dask] Preparing for dask pipelines

Tiago de Freitas Pereira requested to merge dask-pipelines into master


Working out how should be with dask pipelines. Some things to be done in the MR is.

  • Remove all traces of Pipelines needs to be defined with dask. This includes the removal of: FileSelector, Grid configurations, ./script/grid_search, ./script/enroll, ./script/extract, ./script/preprocess, ./baselines
  • Move the biometrics pipeline from bob.pipelines to here
  • Document the package on: 1-) How to use the resources available (databases, algorithms, preprocessors, etc..), 2-) How to create new databases, 3-) How to create new pipelines (this should be in bob.pipelines)
  • Rethink the file list interface
  • Review which dependencies to keep. For instance, bob.learn.linear, bob.learn.em, bob.learn.activation, bob.math (consider use scikit-learn).
  • Implement missing pipelines (for instance, score normalization/calibration pipeline)
  • Database paths patched in ~/.bobrc
  • Redesign the as CLI commands
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