Commit cb83794d authored by Tiago de Freitas Pereira's avatar Tiago de Freitas Pereira
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Fixed partition size isse with the ZT-Norm pipeline

parent a1749e67
......@@ -101,7 +101,9 @@ def execute_vanilla_biometrics(
for group in groups:
score_file_name = os.path.join(output, f"scores-{group}")
score_file_name = os.path.join(
output, f"scores-{group}" + ".csv" if write_metadata_scores else ""
biometric_references = database.references(group=group)
probes = database.probes(group=group)
......@@ -246,13 +248,20 @@ def execute_vanilla_biometrics_ztnorm(
if dask_client is not None and not isinstance_nested(
pipeline.biometric_algorithm, "biometric_algorithm", BioAlgorithmDaskWrapper
# Scaling up
if dask_n_workers is not None and not isinstance(dask_client, str):
n_objects = max(
len(background_model_samples), len(biometric_references), len(probes)
pipeline = dask_vanilla_biometrics(
partition_size=dask_get_partition_size(dask_client.cluster, n_objects),
partition_size = None
if not isinstance(dask_client, str):
partition_size = dask_get_partition_size(dask_client.cluster, n_objects)
if dask_partition_size is not None:
partition_size = dask_partition_size
pipeline = dask_vanilla_biometrics(pipeline, partition_size=partition_size,)"Running vanilla biometrics for group {group}")
allow_scoring_with_all_biometric_references = (
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