Commit 5acebd88 authored by Jaden's avatar Jaden Committed by Samuel GAIST

[reports] show private analyzer warning on hover

parent c3ffe446
......@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ angular.module('reportApp').directive("groupPanelExperiments", ['GroupsService',
<i style='margin-left: 5px;' ng-if='group.analyzer.length > 0'>
<a ng-if='analyzerIsAccessible()' href='{{ getBlockUrl(group.analyzer) }}'>{{ group.analyzer }}</a>
<span ng-if='!analyzerIsAccessible()'>{{ getAnalyzerShortName() }}</a>
<span ng-if='!analyzerIsAccessible()' title='analyzer not accessible for current user'>{{ getAnalyzerShortName() }}</a>
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