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[gitlab] Add templates for issues and MR

These template should be used when opening a new issue or merge

There are two templates under issue:
- which is a bug report
- which is for suggestion to be implemented

To use them, select the corresponding template in the dropdown
beside the title of the issue/merge request.

Only available once merge in the default branch.
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(Summarize the bug encountered concisely)
Steps to reproduce
(How one can reproduce the issue - this is very important)
What is the current bug behavior?
(What actually happens)
What is the expected correct behavior?
(What you should see instead)
Relevant logs and/or screenshots
(Paste any relevant logs - please use code blocks (```) to format console output,
logs, and code as it's very hard to read otherwise.)
Possible fixes
(If you can, link to the line of code that might be responsible for the problem)
(Summarize the suggestion concisely)
What does it provide ?
(What is the goal of this suggestion)
Why is it needed ?
(Explain the motivation of the suggestion)
Relevant links / references
(Paste any relevant links / image for the implementation of the suggestion)
/label ~suggestion
\ No newline at end of file
(Summarize the content of the merge request)
Relevant issue(s) fixed
(list all issues fixed by that merge request if any)
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