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[experiment] Properly handle "default" case

There's no prototype available for the experiment as it
needs to be configured with the content of a prefix based
on the toolchain selected for it.
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......@@ -52,7 +52,6 @@ from . import algorithm
from . import schema
from . import database
from . import toolchain
from . import prototypes
from . import hash
......@@ -233,12 +232,10 @@ class Experiment(object): = None
self.errors = []
if data is None: # loads prototype and validates it
experiment_data, self.errors = prototypes.load("experiment")
assert not self.errors, "\n * %s" % "\n *".join(self.errors) # nosec
toolchain_data, self.errors = prototypes.load("toolchain")
assert not self.errors, "\n * %s" % "\n *".join(self.errors) # nosec
if data is None: # Invalid case
# There can't be a prototype for experiments they must be
# filled based on the toolchain and the content of the prefix
raise RuntimeError("Experiments can't have default implementation")
elif isinstance(data, (tuple, list)): # the user has passed a tuple
......@@ -42,6 +42,17 @@ from . import prefix, tmp_prefix
from .utils import cleanup
# ----------------------------------------------------------
def test_load_default_experiment_fails():
Experiment(prefix, data=None)
# ----------------------------------------------------------
def test_load_valid_experiment():
experiment = Experiment(prefix, "user/integers_addition/1/integers_addition")
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