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  • v1.9.2
    Release v1.9.2
    • !105 Remove loops from representation in the schema. It' already covered by the blocks entry.
  • v1.9.1
    Release v1.9.1
    • !99 Dependencies cleanup: move matplotlib and pillow to the test dependencies as they are not needed for this package to work.
    • !100 Implement the use of the experiment execution related scripts from a different python environment.
    • !101 Move conda related helper methods out of test class: That will make them re-usable in other tests like in beat/beat.cmdline>
    • !102 Remove Biometrics evaluation from the definition of BEAT as it became more generic.
    • !103 Improve protocol template lookup for database prototype: Rather than blindingly selecting the first protocol template found, look for the first valid one.
    • !104 Remove "license_file" entry on conda recipe to fix builds.
    • !105 Remove loops from representation in toolchain schema as the blocks entry covers them as it already does for the blocks and analysers.
  • v1.9.0
    Release v1.9.0
    • !55 Add a plotterparameter schema file: Adds a schema file for plotterparameters and the associated infrastructure for linting plotterparameter instances
    • !66 Add BEAT framework classifier
    • !67 Protocol template: This merge request implements the support for protocol templates
    • !68 Fix simple/2 database code: The migration script didn't properly copy the code.
    • !70 Add db migration scripts to installed commands
    • !71 Implement support for protocol template prototype
    • !72 Add additional information to the asset storage classes
    • !73 Fix plotterparameter writing: The write method was wrong as well as there were missing pieces in the class for it to work properly
    • !74 Implement missing prototypes handling
    • !75 Add missing class variables to plotter storage
    • !76 Reorganize error related prefix content
    • !77 Add dummy documentation to valid assets in test prefix
    • !78 Implement duplicate key handling
    • !80 Fixed external and internal documentation links
    • !81 Move all API v1 algorithms in test prefix to their own folder
    • !82 Update algorithm for loop user new types
    • !83 Implement loop block output
    • !84 Loop synchronized read
    • !85 Improve loop parts name
    • !86 Fix two_loops experiment declaration
    • !87 Remove the possibility to parametrize an analyzer in V2 as it creates unwelcome side effects
    • !88 Improve two loops testing
    • !89 Improve algorithm setup handling in local executor
    • !90 Fix loop field names
    • !91 Improve loop algorithms crosschecking for experiment
    • !92 Make loop processor related fields clearer
    • !93 Fix global parameters handling with regards to the loop blocks
    • !94 Improve two_loops test experiment by using similar setup as the loop experiment for globals and processor algorithm specific parameters to ensure the tests cover also these cases
    • !95 Modify the loop test so that it triggers the beat.backend.python#26 issue
    • !96 Improve error handling on algorithm local execution so that it provides the error that actually happened
    • !97 Remove rogue print statement: Experiment code cleanup
    • !98 Update test loop evaluator write method signature following beat.backend.python!61 the method has now a third argument containing the output currently written to on the processor side
  • v1.8.0
    Release v1.8.0
    • !51 Add automatic test image pulling if not already available
    • !52 Algorithm schema update: The schema wasn't restrictive enough
    • !53 Zmq refactoring': Improve the reliability of the system at the cost of making it slightly more complex
    • !54 Re-enable nitpicky mode and Fix broken docs
    • !56 Make default dataformat search look for more types on algorithm prototype load as the prefix generated for tests and production are a bit different
    • !57 Fix docker-pull implementation
    • !58 Worker: decode recieved job data if python older than 3.6: Prior to 3.6 the json module handles only str type
    • !59 Move license to BSD 3 Clause
    • !60 Document new ZMQ architecture
    • !61 Decode algorithm prototype content if python is older than 3.6. Same as for !58
    • !62 Code cleanup: bring the beat.core code base to the standard now used for the beat packages
    • !63 Standardize simplejson: This patch set ensure that the simplejson module is used everywher.
    • !64 Factorize simplejson: This patch set make it so that all imports for simplejson are done as json so if there's a need to change it to something else it will be easier
  • v1.7.0
    Release v1.7.0
    • !42 Fix v1 algorithm schema
    • !43 Implements the execution of soft loop blocks with all currently used runners implemented. Requires beat.backend.python >= 1.6.0
    • !44 Refactored docker testing for new CI runners and conda build way of working.
    • !45 Improve docker information: Update the docker image versions.
    • !46 1.7.x: Consolidation of all currently tested features in this branch, moving development back to the master branch.
    • !47 Implement loop with input test that can be re-used as example for a loop enabled experiment.
    • !48 New version of the documentation
    • !50 Temporarily remove framework trove classifier to unblock pypi upload
  • v1.6.2
    Release v1.6.2
    • Fixed version of the cxx docker images pulled as part of the buildout process
    • !41 Refactored v1 and v2 schema: take out the v2 elements from v1 schema and implement missing API v2 analyzer validation
  • v1.6.1
    Release v1.6.1
    • !33 Improve spacing between graphviz dot nodes for beat.editor layout
    • !34 Disable Python 2 builds
    • !35 Improve handling of the Docker infrastructure
    • !36 Implement temporary resources cleanup
    • !38 Don't build documentation in test-only runs
    • !40 Implement tests for CXX algorithm with API v2 (replaces !37)
  • v1.6.0
    Release v1.6.0
    • Refactored for V2 API from beat.backend.python.
    • Updated docker-py to just docker which provides the latest version of the Docker API for python.
    • Made the package Python 3 compatible
    • Moved to conda based packaging
    • Update schema to support algorithms V2
    • Improved documentation
    • Improved tests
    • Improved Docker handling
    • Use Docker's --runtime selector for GPU enabled images
    • Implement use of custom network for Docker
    • Implement use of custom port range for Docker
    • Implement custom naming of Docker containers
    • Implement support for NFS mounts when using Docker containers
  • v1.5.1
  • v1.5.0
  • v1.4.1
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  • v1.4.0
  • v1.3.6
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  • v1.3.5
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  • v1.3.4
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  • v1.3.3
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  • v1.3.2
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  • v1.3.1
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  • v1.3.0
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  • v1.2.1