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......@@ -63,6 +63,7 @@ In particular, this package controls memory and CPU utilisation of the
containers it launches. You must make sure to enable those functionalities on
your installation.
Docker Setup
......@@ -75,14 +76,16 @@ execute algorithms or experiments.
We use specific docker images to run user algorithms. Download the following
base images before you try to run tests or experiments on your computer::
$ docker pull beats/py27:system
$ docker pull debian:8.4
$ docker pull
$ docker pull
Optionally, also download the following images to be able to re-run experiments
downloaded from the BEAT platform (not required for unit testing)::
$ docker pull beats/py27:0.0.4
$ docker pull beats/py27:0.1.0
$ docker pull
$ docker pull
$ docker pull
$ docker pull
......@@ -139,7 +142,6 @@ sphinx::
......@@ -148,8 +150,8 @@ example, to enforce compliance on a single file and edit it in place, do::
$ ./bin/autopep8 --indent-size=2 --in-place beat/core/
We normally use 2-space identattion. If ever, you can easily change the
identation to 4 spaces like this::
We normally use 2-space indentation. If ever, you can easily change the
indentation to 4 spaces like this::
$ ./bin/autopep8 --indent-size=4 --in-place beat/core/
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