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allow missing files projector

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......@@ -115,13 +115,31 @@ def project(algorithm, extractor, groups=None, indices=None, allow_missing_files
feature_file = str(feature_files[i])
projected_file = str(projected_files[i])
if not os.path.exists(feature_file):
if allow_missing_files:
logger.debug("... Cannot find extracted feature file %s; skipping", feature_file)
logger.error("Cannot find extracted feature file %s", feature_file)
if not utils.check_file(projected_file, force, 1000):"- Projection: projecting file: %s", feature_file)
logger.debug("... Projecting features for file '%s'", feature_file)
# load feature
feature = extractor.read_feature(feature_file)
# project feature
projected = algorithm.project(feature)
if projected is None:
if allow_missing_files:
logger.debug("... Projection for extracted file %s failed; skipping", feature_file)
raise RuntimeError("Projection of file '%s' was not successful" % feature_file)
# write it
algorithm.write_feature(projected, projected_file)
logger.debug("... Skipping feature file '%s' since projected file '%s' exists", feature_file, projected_file)
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