Commit d8791209 authored by Amir Mohammadi's avatar Amir Mohammadi Committed by Amir MOHAMMADI
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score computation is not a parallel job

parent e318ac17
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......@@ -114,7 +114,6 @@ def add_jobs(args, submitter):
concat_deps = {}
for group in args.groups:
# compute scores
if not args.skip_score_computation:
......@@ -124,14 +123,8 @@ def add_jobs(args, submitter):
job_ids['score-%s' % group] = submitter.submit(
'--sub-task compute-scores --group %s' % group,
name="score-%s" % group,
concat_deps[group] = [job_ids['score-%s' % group]]
concat_deps[group] = []
if args.grid is None:
# return the list of jobs that need to be executed in series
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