Commit 37726f48 authored by Amir MOHAMMADI's avatar Amir MOHAMMADI
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More detailed and sorted table

parent ed8f110a
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ from tabulate import tabulate
from bob.measure import eer_threshold, farfrr
from bob.measure.script import common_options
from bob.measure.utils import get_fta
from bob.extension.scripts.click_helper import verbosity_option
from bob.extension.scripts.click_helper import verbosity_option, bool_option
from import split
from gridtk.generator import expand
......@@ -31,22 +31,17 @@ logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
help='The database that was used to train the algorithms.')
@click.option('-g', '--group', 'groups', multiple=True, show_default=True,
default=['train', 'dev', 'eval'])
@bool_option('sort', 's', 'whether the table should be sorted.', True)
def cross(ctx, score_jinja_template, databases, protocols, algorithms,
train_database, groups, **kwargs):
train_database, groups, sort, **kwargs):
"""Cross-db analysis metrics
logger.debug('ctx.meta: %s', ctx.meta)
logger.debug('score_jinja_template: %s', score_jinja_template)
logger.debug('databases: %s', databases)
logger.debug('protocols: %s', protocols)
logger.debug('algorithms: %s', algorithms)
logger.debug('train_database: %s', train_database)
logger.debug('groups: %s', groups)
logger.debug('kwargs: %s', kwargs)
logger.debug('ctx.params: %s', ctx.params)
env = jinja2.Environment(undefined=jinja2.StrictUndefined)
......@@ -95,19 +90,41 @@ def cross(ctx, score_jinja_template, databases, protocols, algorithms,
logger.debug('metrics: %s', metrics)
headers = ["Algorithms"] + list(databases)
raws = []
headers = ["Algorithms"]
for db in databases:
headers += [db + "\nEER_t", "\nEER_d", "\nAPCER", "\nBPCER", "\nACER"]
rows = []
# sort the algorithms based on HTER test, EER dev, EER train
if sort:
train_protocol = protocols[databases.index(train_database)]
def sort_key(alg):
r = []
for grp in ('eval', 'dev', 'train'):
hter = metrics.get(
(train_database, train_protocol, alg, group))
hter = hter if hter is None else hter[0]
return tuple(r)
algorithms = sorted(algorithms, key=sort_key)
for algorithm in algorithms:
rows.append([algorithm.replace(train_database + '_', '')])
for database, protocol in zip(databases, protocols):
cell = ['{:>5.1f}'.format(
100 * metrics[(database, protocol, algorithm, group)][0])
for group in groups]
raws[-1].append(' '.join(cell))
cell = []
for group in groups:
hter, threshold, fta, far, frr = metrics[(
database, protocol, algorithm, group)]
if group == 'eval':
cell += [far, frr, hter]
cell += [hter]
cell = [round(c * 100, 1) for c in cell]
title = ' Trained on {} '.format(train_database)
title_line = '\n' + '=' * len(title) + '\n'
click.echo(title_line + title + title_line, file=ctx.meta['log'])
click.echo(tabulate(raws, headers, ctx.meta['tablefmt']),
click.echo(tabulate(rows, headers, ctx.meta['tablefmt'], floatfmt=".1f"),
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