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[algorithm] fixed LDA unit test

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......@@ -8,8 +8,8 @@ class PadLDA(LDA):
"""Wrapper for,
Here, LDA is used in a PAD context. This means that the feature
will be projected on a two-dimensional subspace, where the two
dimensions represents the real and attack classes.
will be projected on a single dimension subspace, which acts as a score
For more details, you may want to have a look at
`bob.learn.linear Documentation`_
......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ import bob.pad.base
from bob.pad.base.algorithm import SVM
from bob.pad.base.algorithm import OneClassGMM
from bob.pad.base.algorithm import MLP
from bob.pad.base.algorithm import PadLDA
import random
......@@ -231,8 +232,4 @@ def test_LDA():
lda = PadLDA()
lda.train_projector(training_features, '/tmp/lda.hdf5')
real_sample = real_array[0]
prob = lda.project(real_sample)
assert prob[0] > prob[1]
assert lda.machine.shape == (2, 1)
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