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Added doc-strings in the MLP class

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......@@ -36,6 +36,19 @@ class TwoLayerMLP(nn.Module):
super(TwoLayerMLP, self).__init__()
Init method.
in_features : int
Dimensionality of the input feature vectors.
n_hidden_relu : int
Number of ReLU units in the hidden layer of the MLP.
apply_sigmoid : bool
If set to ``True`` the sigmoid will be applied to the output of the
hidden FC layer. If ``False`` the sigmoid is not applied.
Default: ``True``.
self.in_features = in_features
......@@ -52,6 +65,17 @@ class TwoLayerMLP(nn.Module):
def forward(self, x):
The forward method.
x : :py:class:`torch.Tensor`
The batch to forward through the network. Size of the input batch
is [batch_size, 1, self.in_features].
x : :py:class:`torch.Tensor`
Output of the MLP, class probability.
# input is a batch of the size: [batch_size, 1, self.in_features],
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