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[trainers] fixed the moving of the model to CPU when generating images

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......@@ -194,9 +194,11 @@ class ConditionalGANTrainer(object):
# tried to move tensors, variables on the GPU -> does not work
# let the tensors on the CPU -> does not work
# => model has to be brought back to the CPU :/
self.netG = self.netG.cpu()
if self.use_gpu:
self.netG = self.netG.cpu()
fake_examples = self.netG(self.fixed_noise, self.fixed_one_hot)
self.netG = self.netG.cuda()
if self.use_gpu:
self.netG = self.netG.cuda()
vutils.save_image(, '%s/fake_samples_epoch_%03d.png' % (output_dir, epoch), normalize=True)
# do checkpointing
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