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[dataset] added FARGO dataset

parent 861618cc
#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
import os
import numpy
from import Dataset, DataLoader
import bob.db.fargo
from bob.extension import rc
from bob.db.base import read_annotation_file
from .utils import map_labels
class FargoDataset(Dataset):
"""Class representing the FARGO dataset
Only retrieves the RGB training set
original_directory : str
The path to the data
transform : `torchvision.transforms`
The transform(s) to apply to the face images
data_files : list of :obj:`str`
The list of data files
id_labels : list of :obj:`int`
The list of identities, for each data file
annotations :
The annotations (eyes center) corresponding to each file
def __init__(self, original_directory=rc[''],
transform=None, start_index=0):
"""Init function
original_directory : str
The path to the data
annotation_directory : str
The path to the annotations
transform : :py:class:`torchvision.transforms`
The transform(s) to apply to the face images
start_index : int
label of the first identity (useful if you use several databases)
self.transform = transform
self.data_files = []
self.annotations = []
id_labels = []
db = bob.db.fargo.Database(original_directory=original_directory)
objs = db.objects(purposes='train', modality='rgb')
for o in objs:
self.data_files.append(o.make_path(directory=original_directory, extension='.png'))
annotation_file = os.path.join(annotation_directory, o.path + '.pos')
self.annotations.append(read_annotation_file(annotation_file, 'eyecenter'))
self.id_labels = map_labels(id_labels)
def __len__(self):
"""Returns the length of the dataset (i.e. nb of examples)
the number of examples in the dataset
return len(self.data_files)
def __getitem__(self, idx):
"""Returns a sample from the dataset
an example of the dataset, containing the
transformed face image and its identity
image =[idx])
eyescenter = self.annotations[idx]
identity = self.id_labels[idx]
sample = {'image': image, 'label': identity, 'eyes' : eyescenter}
if self.transform:
sample = self.transform(sample)
return sample
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