Commit ffbbf993 authored by Manuel Günther's avatar Manuel Günther

Removed indexing in bic_intra_extra_pairs, as far as possible

parent 7df8e993
"""Auxiliary functions to be used for preparing the training data."""
def bic_intra_extra_pairs(training_data):
"""bic_intra_extra_pairs(training_data) -> intra_pairs, extra_pairs
......@@ -31,19 +30,18 @@ def bic_intra_extra_pairs(training_data):
A list of tuples of data, where both data belong to different classes, where each data element is a reference to one element of the given ``training_data``.
# generate intra-class pairs
intra_pairs = [(training_data[clazz][c1], training_data[clazz][c2]) \
for clazz in range(len(training_data)) \
for c1 in range(len(training_data[clazz])-1) \
for c2 in range (c1+1, len(training_data[clazz]))
intra_pairs = [(clazz[c1], clazz[c2]) \
for clazz in training_data \
for c1 in range(len(clazz)-1) \
for c2 in range (c1+1, len(clazz))
# generate extra-class pairs
extra_pairs = [(training_data[clazz1][c1], training_data[clazz2][c2]) \
extra_pairs = [(c1, c2) \
for clazz1 in range(len(training_data)-1) \
for c1 in range(len(training_data[clazz1])) \
for c1 in training_data[clazz1] \
for clazz2 in range(clazz1+1, len(training_data)) \
for c2 in range(len(training_data[clazz2])) \
if clazz1 != clazz2
for c2 in training_data[clazz2]
# return a tuple of pairs
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