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Improve comment on the use of PyObject_GetIter()

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......@@ -601,18 +601,14 @@ static PyObject* PyBobLearnLibsvmTrainer_train
auto subtract_ = make_xsafe(subtract);
auto divide_ = make_xsafe(divide);
// Note: strangely, if you pass dict.values(), this check does not work
if (!PyIter_Check(X)) {
PyErr_Format(PyExc_TypeError, "`%s' requires an iterable for parameter `X', but you passed `%s' which does not implement the iterator protocol", Py_TYPE(self)->tp_name, Py_TYPE(X)->tp_name);
return 0;
/* Checks and converts all entries */
std::vector<blitz::Array<double,2> > Xseq;
std::vector<boost::shared_ptr<PyBlitzArrayObject>> Xseq_;
/* The standard way to check if a python object is iterable is this.
* PyIter_Check will only check if the object is of class ``iterable``. This
* will not work as you expect
PyObject* iterator = PyObject_GetIter(X);
if (!iterator) return 0;
auto iterator_ = make_safe(iterator);
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