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:Authors: André Anjos
:Version: 2.0 - 10.february.2013
Reference Output for Ce Liu's Matlab Code
This repository contains the Matlab MEX output for each of Ce Liu's Optical Flow
framework implementations, available through `his homepage`_. Each output is
generated taking into consideration 1 type of input image (gray-scale or
color), in PNG format and one implementation (Conjugate-Gradient based or
Successive-Over-Relaxation based). The output is encoded into `HDF5`_ files,
which contain:
1. a single array named "uv", with the U (horizontal) and V (vertical
directions), with the same dimensions as the input image. The array is 3D
because each plane contains one of the direction components. Plane 0
contains U, while plane 1, V;
2. a set of attributes attached to the "uv" array, which define the parameters
which were used to extract the flow using Liu's implementation.
If you are testing code, it is sensible to use the same parameterisation. `Our
package`_ with Python/`Bob`_ bindings, can use these parameters to compare the
original Matlab output with that generated by the pythonic bindings.
Directory Structure
The contents are organized per method used to generate the output and then per
original image type::
+-- README.rst
+-- cg_based
│   +-- color
│   |   +-- car.hdf5
│   │   +-- rubberwhale.hdf5
│   │   +-- table.hdf5
│   +-- gray
│   +-- car.hdf5
│   +-- complex.hdf5
│   +-- simple.hdf5
│   +-- table.hdf5
+-- sor_based
+-- color
│   +-- car.hdf5
│   +-- car_dbg.hdf5
│   +-- rubberwhale.hdf5
│   +-- table.hdf5
+-- gray
+-- car.hdf5
+-- complex.hdf5
+-- simple.hdf5
+-- table.hdf5
Original Images
The original images can be found inside `our package`_.
.. Place your references here:
.. _Our Package:
.. _Bob:
.. _His Homepage:
.. _HDF5:
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