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......@@ -25,35 +25,6 @@ the original image.
To start annotating, just pass a single image to the ``./bin/``
program. A window will open and allow you to annotate a variable number of
points in it. The output of the annotation will be placed on the current
directory, with the same filename as the original input file::
Start with::
$ bin/ example/image.jpg
After a successful annotation session, the file ``image.txt`` should be
available with all the points you have touched during the annotation process.
Available keyboard shortcuts
During the annotation process, on the image window, you can use the following
keyboard shortcuts to optimise your work.
* ``?``: this help message
* ``x``: places keypoint under mouse cursor
* ``d``: deletes the last annotation
* ``s``: saves current annotations
* ``q``: quits the application, saving annotations
* ``D``: deletes annotations for the current image
* ``<Esc>`` Quits the application, does not save anything
You can use the mouse to either drag-and-drop keypoints or move the closest
keypoint to the clicked location.
$ ./bin/ --help
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