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  • v1.0.0
    Release v1.0.0
    • !1 fixed slices
    • !3 Unit tests: Implements unit tests of the stream implementation, set up the CI/CD configuration
    • !4 Improvements: Major improvements and refactoring of the implementation of the stream classes. Implementation of unit tests and configuration of the CI/CD.
    • !2 subtract dark data: Hi @dgeissbuhler, I added some stuff to subtract the dark frame if needed. This is most probably not the best way to do it, but it works for now. I'll let you have a look and modify it to better fit in your whole framework ... Note that this is not urgent ;) Thanks Guillaume
    • !5 Landmarks bounding box unit test: Implements a unit test on the reprojection of landmarks and bounding box assigned to a stream
    • !6 Implements unit test for the subtract stream filter
    • !9 Expose Stream.__data: now Stream._data to allow regular access by StreamFilter: title
    • !10 Accept file handle: Allow StreamFile class to accept a file handle of the hdf5 file, and use bob.io.base.HDF5File only if a path is provided. Advantage: * Allows to use bob.io.stream with different back-end for interacting with hdf5 library. Drawback: * Less clear who is in charge of opening and closing the file: in the case a string is received, StreamFile handles opening and closing - in the case a file handle is given, the owner of the file must take care of it. * If someone provides a file handle which doesn't have a "lread" function, reading will fail and the error won't be very helpful. Concretely, it would be good to list the "back-end" that will work ?
    • !11 CI debuging: Fix erroneous data_path in stream_file.py:load_stream_data Fix imports in init.py to work with sphinx documentation.
    • !12 Unit test: Implements unit tests for slicing and writing hdf5 files with streams.
    • !13 Fix ocv bob image conversion: Fix image format conversion from opencv to bob and reverse. Implement unit test for these functions.
    • !14 Remove image conversion from utils and use those from bob.io.image.utils: Remove image conversion from utils and use those from bob.io.image.utils
    • !15 bob.io.image dependency: bob.io.image dependency required since 64156ad2
    • !16 Doc fix
    • !17 Remove stereo related code: Stereo functionalities will go in bob.ip.stereo. Remove camera member of Stream Remove warp, stereo and reproject filters Remove camera_config of StreamFile Remove unit test associated with the above Implement missing test for remaining filters
    • !18 Add pyproject.toml to comply with new pip standard