Commit 52c6bb83 authored by André Anjos's avatar André Anjos 💬
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Write test to ensure the HDF5 backend supports non-contiguous array writing (c.f. issue #6)

parent c36aecc1
......@@ -60,6 +60,18 @@ def read_write_array_check(outfile, dtype):
read_write_check(outfile, dtype.__name__ + '_array', arrays)
def read_write_subarray_check(outfile, dtype):
N = 10
SHAPE = (2, 3, 4, 2) #48 elements in arrays
arrays = []
for k in range(N):
data = [random.uniform(0,N) for z in range(numpy.product(SHAPE))]
nparray = numpy.array(data, dtype=dtype).reshape(SHAPE)
usearray = nparray[:,1,1:2,:]
assert not usearray.flags.contiguous
read_write_check(outfile, dtype.__name__ + '_subarray', arrays)
def test_can_create():
# This test demonstrates how to create HDF5 files from scratch,
......@@ -190,6 +202,21 @@ def test_type_support():
read_write_array_check(outfile, numpy.complex128)
#read_write_array_check(outfile, numpy.complex256) #no numpy conversion
read_write_subarray_check(outfile, numpy.int8)
read_write_subarray_check(outfile, numpy.int16)
read_write_subarray_check(outfile, numpy.int32)
read_write_subarray_check(outfile, numpy.int64)
read_write_subarray_check(outfile, numpy.uint8)
read_write_subarray_check(outfile, numpy.uint16)
read_write_subarray_check(outfile, numpy.uint32)
read_write_subarray_check(outfile, numpy.uint64)
read_write_subarray_check(outfile, numpy.float32)
read_write_subarray_check(outfile, numpy.float64)
#read_write_subarray_check(outfile, numpy.float128) #no numpy conversion
read_write_subarray_check(outfile, numpy.complex64)
read_write_subarray_check(outfile, numpy.complex128)
#read_write_subarray_check(outfile, numpy.complex256) #no numpy conversion
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