Commit 33e5937d authored by Manuel Günther's avatar Manuel Günther
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Added get_macros function

parent f304e2e7
......@@ -263,6 +263,23 @@ def get_include_directories():
return pkg.include_directories()
def get_macros():
"""get_macros() -> macros
Returns a list of preprocessor macros, such as ``(HAVE_HDF5, 1)``.
This function is automatically used by :py:func:`bob.extension.get_bob_libraries` to retrieve the prerpocessor definitions that are required to use the C bindings of this library in dependent classes.
You shouldn't normally need to call this function by hand.
``macros`` : [(str,str)]
The list of preprocessor macros required to use the C bindings of this class.
For now, only ``('HAVE_HDF5', '1')`` is returned, when applicable.
# get include directories
if get_include_directories():
return [('HAVE_HDF5','1')]
# gets sphinx autodoc done right - don't remove it
__all__ = [_ for _ in dir() if not _.startswith('_')]
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