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Corrected C++ interface documentation

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......@@ -133,16 +133,16 @@ Bob HDF5 Support
.. cpp:type:: PyBobIoHDF5FileObject
The pythonic object representation for a ``bob::io::HDF5File`` object.
The pythonic object representation for a ``bob::io::base::HDF5File`` object.
.. code-block:: cpp
typedef struct {
boost::shared_ptr<bob::io::HDF5File> f;
boost::shared_ptr<bob::io::base::HDF5File> f;
} PyBobIoHDF5FileObject;
.. cpp:member:: boost::shared_ptr<bob::io::HDF5File> f
.. cpp:member:: boost::shared_ptr<bob::io::base::HDF5File> f
A pointer to a Bob object being used to read/write data into an HDF5
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