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[scripts][commitfile] New functionality to create merge-requests and commit changes to packages

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......@@ -228,8 +228,62 @@ def update_tag_comments(gitpkg, tag_name, tag_comments_list, dry_run=False):
return tag
def commit_files(gitpkg, files_dict, message='Updated files', dry_run=False):
"""Commit files of a given GitLab package.
def update_files_with_mr(gitpkg, files_dict, message, branch, automerge,
"""Update (via a commit) files of a given gitlab package, through an MR
This function can update a file in a gitlab package, but will do this
through a formal merge request.
gitpkg: gitlab package object
files_dict: Dictionary of file names and their contents (as text)
message: Commit message
branch: The branch name to use for the merge request
automerge: If we should set the "merge if build suceeds" flag on the
created MR
dry_run: If True, nothing will be pushed to gitlab
data = {
'branch': branch,
'start_branch': 'master',
'commit_message': message,
'actions': []
# add files to update
for filename in files_dict.keys():
update_action = dict(action='update', file_path=filename)
update_action['content'] = files_dict[filename]
logger.debug("Committing changes in files (%s) to new branch '%s'",
', '.join(files_dict.keys()), branch)
if not dry_run:
commit = gitpkg.commits.create(data)
logger.debug("Creating merge request %s -> master", branch)
logger.debug("Set merge-when-pipeline-succeeds = %s", automerge)
if not dry_run:
mr = project.mergerequests.create({
'source_branch': branch,
'target_branch': 'master',
'title': message,
accept = {
'merge_when_pipeline_succeeds': 'true' if automerge else 'false',
'should_remove_source_branch': 'true',
def update_files_at_master(gitpkg, files_dict, message, dry_run):
"""Update (via a commit) files of a given gitlab package, directly on the
master branch.
......@@ -398,7 +452,7 @@ def release_package(gitpkg, tag_name, tag_comments_list, dry_run=False):
readme_content = readme_file.decode().decode()
readme_content = _update_readme(readme_content, version_number)
# commit and push changes
'README.rst': readme_content,
'version.txt': version_number
......@@ -427,7 +481,7 @@ def release_package(gitpkg, tag_name, tag_comments_list, dry_run=False):
major, minor, patch = version_number.split('.')
version_number = '{}.{}.{}b0'.format(major, minor, int(patch)+1)
# commit and push changes
commit_files(gitpkg, {
update_files_at_master(gitpkg, {
'README.rst': readme_content,
'version.txt': version_number,
#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
import logging
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
import click
from . import bdt
from ..log import verbosity_option
from ..release import get_gitlab_instance, update_files_with_mr
1. Replaces the README.rst file on the package bob/bob.extension, through a merge-request, using the contents of the local file with the same name:
$ bdt commitfile -vv bob/bob.extension README.rst
2. Replaces the README.rst file on the package beat/beat.core, specifying a commit/merge-request message:
$ bdt commitfile -vv --message="[readme] Update [ci skip]" beat/beat.core README.rst
3. Replaces the file conda/meta.yaml on the package bob/bob.blitz through a merge request, specifying a commit/merge-request message, using the contents of the local file new.yaml, set merge-when-pipeline-succeeds, and the name of the branch to be creatd:
$ bdt commitfile -vv bob/bob.blitz --path=conda/meta.yaml --branch=conda-changes --auto-merge new.yaml
@click.argument('file', type=click.Path(file_okay=True, dir_okay=False,
@click.option('-m', '--message',
help='Message to set for this commit',)
@click.option('-p', '--path',
help='Which path to replace on the remote package',)
@click.option('-b', '--branch',
help='Name of the branch to create for this MR',)
@click.option('-a', '--auto-merge/--no-auto-merge', default=False,
help='If set, then the created merge request will be merged when ' \
'a potentially associated pipeline succeeds')
@click.option('-d', '--dry-run/--no-dry-run', default=False,
help='Only goes through the actions, but does not execute them ' \
'(combine with the verbosity flags - e.g. ``-vvv``) to enable ' \
'printing to help you understand what will be done')
def commitfile(package, message, file, path, branch, auto_merge, dry_run):
"""Changes a file on a given package, directly on the master branch
if '/' not in package:
raise RuntimeError('PACKAGE should be specified as "group/name"')
gl = get_gitlab_instance()
# we lookup the gitlab package once
use_package = gl.projects.get(package)'Found gitlab project %s (id=%d)',
# if we are in a dry-run mode, let's let it be known
if dry_run:
logger.warn('!!!! DRY RUN MODE !!!!')
logger.warn('Nothing is being committed to Gitlab')
path = path or file
# load file contents
with open(file, 'rt') as f:
contents =
components = os.path.splitext(path)[0].split(os.sep)
branch = 'update-%s' % components[-1].lower()
message = message or ("[%s] update" % \
''.join(['[%s]' % k for k in components]))
# commit and push changes
update_files_with_mr(use_package, {path: contents}, message, branch,
auto_merge, dry_run)
......@@ -59,6 +59,7 @@ test:
- bdt --help
- bdt lasttag --help
#- bdt lasttag -vv bob/bob.devtools
- bdt commitfile --help
- bdt changelog --help
#- bdt changelog -vv bob/bob.devtools
- bdt release --help
......@@ -47,6 +47,7 @@ setup(
'bdt.cli': [
'release = bob.devtools.scripts.release:release',
'new =',
'commitfile = bob.devtools.scripts.commitfile:commitfile',
'changelog = bob.devtools.scripts.changelog:changelog',
'lasttag = bob.devtools.scripts.lasttag:lasttag',
'visibility = bob.devtools.scripts.visibility:visibility',
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