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Merge branch 'miniconda-sh-hash-check' into 'master'

Check expected hash, redownloads if necessary

See merge request !97
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......@@ -200,18 +200,40 @@ def merge_conda_cache(cache, prefix, name):
os.rename(cached_conda_bld, dst)
def get_miniconda_sh():
"""Retrieves the miniconda3 installer for the current system."""
def ensure_miniconda_sh():
"""Retrieves the miniconda3 installer for the current system.
import http.client
Checks the hash of the miniconda3 installer against the expected version,
if that does not match, erase existing installer and re-downloads new
server = "" # https
# WARNING: if you update this version, remember to update hahes below
path = "/miniconda/"
if platform.system() == "Darwin":
md5sum = 'ffa5f0eead5576fb26b7e6902f5eed09'
path = path % "MacOSX"
md5sum = '718259965f234088d785cad1fbd7de03'
path = path % "Linux"
if os.path.exists(""):"(check) md5sum (== %s?)", md5sum)
import hashlib
actual_md5 = hashlib.md5(open("", "rb").read()).hexdigest()
if actual_md5 == md5sum:"Re-using cached miniconda3 installer (hash matches)")
else:"Erasing cached miniconda3 installer (%s NOT match)",
# re-downloads installer
import http.client"Connecting to https://%s...", server)
conn = http.client.HTTPSConnection(server)
conn.request("GET", path)
......@@ -238,11 +260,7 @@ def install_miniconda(prefix, name):
""""Installing miniconda in %s...", prefix)
if not os.path.exists(""): # re-downloads installer
else:"Re-using cached miniconda3 installer")
cached = None
if os.path.exists(prefix): # this is the previous cache, move it
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