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......@@ -412,68 +412,96 @@ If your package depends on **third-party packages** (not Bob_ or BEAT_ existing
resources) that are not in the CI, but exist on the conda ``defaults`` channel,
you should perform some extra steps:
1. Add the package in the ``meta.yml`` file of bob-devel in
1. Update ``conda_build_config.yaml`` in
``bob/bob.devtools/bob/devtools/data/conda_buid_config.yaml`` with
your dependencies. Place them in the ``AUTOMATIC PARSING`` block in
alphabetical order. Make sure your dependency doesn't conflict with
the others by following the same steps as when updating a dependency
(next section).
.. code-block:: yaml
.. code-block:: yaml
- python {{ python }}
- {{ compiler('c') }}
- {{ compiler('cxx') }}
# Dependency list of bob packages. Everything is pinned to allow for better
# reproducibility. Please keep this list sorted. It is recommended that you
# update all dependencies at once (to their latest version) each time you
# modify the dependencies here. Use ``conda search`` to find the latest
# version of packages.
- boost 1.65.1
- caffe 1.0 # [linux]
- click 6.7
- click-plugins 1.0.3
- ..
- [your dependency here]
2. At the same file, update the version with the current date, in the format
# list all packages with dashes or dots in their names, here:
click_plugins: click-plugins
dask_jobqueue: dask-jobqueue
dask_ml: dask-ml
docker_py: docker-py
font_ttf_dejavu_sans_mono: font-ttf-dejavu-sans-mono
pkg_config: pkg-config
pytest_cov: pytest-cov
python_graphviz: python-graphviz
scikit_image: scikit-image
scikit_learn: scikit-learn
sphinxcontrib_httpdomain: sphinxcontrib-httpdomain
sphinxcontrib_mermaid: sphinxcontrib-mermaid
sphinxcontrib_programoutput: sphinxcontrib-programoutput
zc_buildout: zc.buildout
zc_recipe_egg: zc.recipe.egg
- 1.73.0
- 8.0.1
- 1.1.1
- 3.14.0
- 5.5
[your dependecy here]
2. In the file ``bob/bob.devtools/deps/bob-devel/meta.template.yaml``,
update the version with the current date, in the format preset.
.. code-block:: yaml
.. code-block:: yaml
name: bob-devel
version: 2018.05.02 <-- HERE
name: bob-devel
version: 2021.09.14 <-- HERE
3. Update the ``beat-devel`` and ``bob-devel`` versions in the ``meta.yml``
file inside ``bob/bob.conda/conda/beat-devel``:
3. Submit a merge request with your changes.
.. code-block:: yaml
name: beat-devel
version: 2018.05.02 <-- HERE
Updating a dependency version
All dependencies versions are listed in
``bob/bob.devtools/bob/devtools/data/conda_build_config.yaml`` to ensure that
all bob packages use compatible versions of those dependencies. When updating
(or adding a new) dependency, you must make sure that the new version doesn't
conflicts with **all** other dependencies. Often, a newest verion of your
dependency has newer requirements for its own dependencies, which can conflict
with the rest of ``bob`` dependencies. Therefore it is often best to update all
dependencies at once, not just one. To do so, ask ``conda`` to create an
environment with all ``bob`` dependencies:
.. code-block:: bash
- python {{ python }}
- bob-devel 2018.05.02 <-- HERE
- requests 2.18.4
conda create -n bob_deps --dry-run --override-channels \\
-c \\
-c \\
-c defaults
click-plugins cmake coverage dask ... [all bob dependencies]
4. Update the ``conda_build_config.yaml`` in
``bob/bob.devtools/bob/devtools/data/conda_build_config.yaml`` with your
dependencies, and with the updated version of bob-devel and beat-devel. See
`this here <>`_ and
`this MR here <>`_
for concrete examples on how to do this.
The versions solved by ``conda`` should be the newest compatible ones you can
use. If you require a specific version of a dependency, say ``h5py`` you can
specify only that version in the ``conda`` command and let conda solve the
.. note::
.. note::
**This step should be performed after bob.conda's pipeline on master is
finished** (i.e. perform steps 1 to 3 in a branch, open a merge request
and wait for it to be merged, and wait for the new master branch to be
'.' or '-' in package names are changed to '_' in the
``conda_build_config.yaml`` file. Make sure to use the real packages name in
the ``conda`` command.
Conda recipe
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