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Merge branch 'issue-13' into 'master'

Fixes #13

Closes #13

See merge request !12
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include LICENSE README.rst buildout.cfg version.txt
recursive-include doc *.rst *.sh *.png *.ico
recursive-include bob/devtools/data *.md *.yaml *.pem matplotlibrc
recursive-include bob/devtools/templates *.rst *.png *.ico LICENSE COPYING .gitlab-ci.yml .gitignore *.cfg *.txt *.py
recursive-include bob/devtools/templates *.rst *.png *.ico LICENSE COPYING .gitlab-ci.yml .gitignore *.cfg *.txt *.py *.yaml
......@@ -61,11 +61,13 @@ test:
- bdt release --help
- bdt visibility --help
- bdt dumpsphinx --help
- bdt dumpsphinx > /dev/null
- bdt create --help
- bdt build --help
- bdt getpath --help
- bdt caupdate --help
- bdt new --help
- bdt new -t "New package" -o bob.foobar bob/bob.foobar "John Doe" ""
- bdt ci --help
- bdt ci build --help
- bdt ci base-deploy --help
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